10 Creative Ways to Take CBD Oil

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As CBD becomes more popular in the U.K., sellers and consumers have gotten creative when it comes to CBD consumption.

The various ways you can now take CBD oil can become overwhelming to a first-time consumer. If you want to take CBD and don’t know where to start, here is a list of ten creative ways to take CBD oil.

But first, we’ll give you the basics and answer a few questions you have about CBD and CBD oil.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the active ingredients in cannabis (marijuana). However, CBD is not the same a marijuana. Cannabidiol comes from the hemp plant, which is similar, but not the same as the marijuana plant. Cannabinoids are extracted from the hemp plant using solvent extraction, CO2 extraction, or distillate extraction to create CBD.

CBD is one of the ingredients of cannabis, but when taken by itself, it does not produce the same “high” that marijuana does. The high that people get from marijuana comes from another ingredient called THC. Because it is extracted from the hemp plant, pure CBD does not pose any danger when it comes to substance abuse or dependency.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, and because of this link to the recreational drug marijuana, CBD is a controversial topic. However, CBD does not contain THC. When mixed with a few other oils, cannabidiol is commonly used for medical purposes such as stress relief, pain relief, and to treat inflammation in the body.

CBD oil can be ingested on its own, mixed with various foods or beverages, and even applied topically in the form of lotions, creams, salves. When ingested, inhaled, CBD oil products may help with relaxation, pain relief, and stress relief.

Another option is to apply it to your skin in the form of a transdermal patch. Applied topically, it may help soothe physical discomfort from muscle strains, and body aches, or other uncomfortable conditions.

The type of CBD you use depends on what you want to use it for. Are you more focused on external skincare, or do you want a CBD distribution method geared more toward cognitive effects? If you take CBD for moods or another cognitive or internal problem, you will want to ingest CBD.

Where to Find Compliant High-Quality CBD

You can find various kinds of CBD online or in person at local dispensaries. However, not all places are above-board when it comes to selling their products. CBD is a relatively new substance, and some scammers rely on consumers to buy and not ask questions. When shopping for high-quality CBD oil, there are a few things to look out for to ensure you purchase the right product.

Make sure the CBD you purchase was tested by a third party. Every seller claims to have “the best CBD,” but that only means something if another person backs it up. Sellers who are legitimate will proudly display their certificate of analysis. You won’t have to go digging for it. If a seller is acting elusive, that’s a good sign you should buy from someone else.

Ensure that your CBD product has passed lab testing for foreign matter and other harmful material that can make its way into the source plant.

Companies and products with positive customer reviews are more likely to be reputable and legitimate. It is wiser to trust sellers that other consumers have found their products to be effective.

If you want to buy CBD oil in the U.K., make sure you get hemp oil rather than hemp seed oil. These are two different things. While hemp seed oil has some benefits, it is not the same as hemp oil. People sometimes complain that the hemp oil they bought doesn’t work when they have purchased hemp seed oil.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in the U.K.?

The CBD market in the U.K. is growing, and a lot of first-time customers are looking to try it. While it may seem hard to know where to find reliable sources of CBD, a little research about companies selling CBD oil will help you along the way. Whether you buy CBD online or at a dispensary, research the company, customer service, and the products first.

Because CBD is such a new thing in the U.K., sellers often take advantage of first-time buyers who don’t know exactly what to look for yet.

If you are looking to buy CBD oil in the U.K., make sure the seller has a certificate of analysis. The certificate of analysis is essential for two reasons. One, you will be able to see there actually is CBD in the product. Two, you will see if there is any THC in the product. THC is illegal in the U.K. where products contain over 0.2% THC, and you wouldn’t want to accidentally commit a crime.

10 Ways to Take CBD Oil

CBD enthusiasts have found many creative ways to take CBD. These delivery methods for CBD vary in bioavailability. Inhaling CBD products has the highest bioavailability, which means that the most CBD gets into your system. Oral ingestion is one of the least effective methods, with a bioavailability average of 10 to 20%, and has been as low as 6% in some cases.

CBD comes in oils, lotions, gummies, baked goods, vape pens, and even in beverages like coffee and smoothies. There’s so much more to it than just the oil. If one delivery method isn’t your style, you have an abundance of other options to choose from.

1. Pure CBD Oil Drops or CBD Tinctures

As mentioned before, you can take CBD oil drops sublingually, which means under the tongue by dropper. Put the desired amount of drops under your tongue and hold it there for 20 - 30 seconds. When the oil sits under your tongue for this time, the CBD is better absorbed into your bloodstream through the capillaries beneath your tongue. After it’s sat, simply swallow. The bioavailability of sublingual CBD can be up to 56%.

2. In a Smoothie

Depending on what kind of CBD oil you use, it can have a strong taste that some people find unpleasant. If you find yourself not liking the taste of CBD oil, think about CBD drinks. There’s nothing wrong with mixing your CBD oil with something more pleasant-tasting, like your morning smoothie. When you ingest a CBD product like this, the CBD enters your system through your gut, and lowers bioavailability.

3.  In Coffee or Tea

Finally, two of your favorite things, caffeine and CBD oil, are in one beverage. Your good ol’ cup of joe combines nicely with CBD and balances it out. Many coffee shops now offer CBD-infused coffee beans, ground coffee, and even CBD oil coffee pods. Although it seemed impossible to us, it turns out that consumers are even crazier about coffee when CBD is involved.

If you love coffee but get jittery when you drink it, adding some CBD oil drops might be a good way to mellow out your brew without having to sacrifice your caffeine.

You can also make CBD tea if that’s more your style. Simply add some effects-based high strength CBD oil drops to your favorite tea depending on what you want to use it for. Many consumers find it helpful for relaxation and other health benefits.

4.  In Salad Dressing

We’re not talking Ranch or Caesar salad dressing here. We’re talking about something more nutritious. Add a few drops of CBD oil to an olive-oil based dressing. Just a little incentive for you to eat all your veggies.

5. CBD Cocktails

Imagine a pina colada with CBD. It’s probably been done somewhere. Some alcohol labels have added CBD-infused cocktails to their stock. For your daily dose of CBD, purchase a CBD cocktail or infuse it yourself with CBD oil. There are tons of CBD cocktail recipes on the web if you’re looking for inspiration.

6. In a Delicious Treat

People have been baking cannabis into brownies and cookies for decades. It stands to reason that you should be able to do the same thing with CBD. CBD edibles are a tasty way to get your daily CBD. Cookies, brownies, and even sweets like gummies and toffee can have CBD oil added to them.

CBD-infused baked goods and candies are a discreet way to take your CBD. They are portable, and if you know how to read a box of baking mix, you can make CBD baked goods yourself.

7. In a Mint or Confectionary

Even though it’s technically a CBD edible, CBD mints are more sublingual than edible, as they are absorbed by your mouth, not ingested. Freshen your breath and get your daily allotment of CBD with a CBD-infused mint.

Other confectionery and candies are infused with CBD, too. Confectioners created CBD-infused sweets such as chocolate, jelly beans, lollipops, gumballs, and gummies.

8. Through Vaping

Vaping is another activity that lots of people turn their noses up at these days. It was originally introduced as an alternative to cigarette smoking. Since then, vape pens have become a delivery system for more than just nicotine and have removed many of the harmful additives.

If you want to get CBD into your system quickly, a CBD vape cartridge is a good way to do it. When you inhale, the CBD passes into your lungs and is distributed through the bloodstream from there. The process happens quickly when compared to other CBD oil ingestion methods.

Vaping is the delivery method for CBD with the most bioavailability. Because vaping delivers the CBD directly to your lungs, it can quickly enter the abundance of capillaries there and spread throughout the body. CBD vapes provide a very high bioavailability level of 34% to 56%

9. In a Gummy

We talked about CBD-infused treats already, but CBD gummies deserve their own special mention. Gummies are discreet CBD edibles that you can take with you anywhere. They are also tasty!

Just like with CBD capsules, each gummy contains a pre-measured quantity of CBD, so you won’t have to estimate how much you’re taking. Or alternately can be easily made at home with with your favorite CBD oil drops and preferred dose.

10. In a Capsule

You can also take CBD oil in a capsule. Swallowing a capsule is an especially good method if you want the amount of CBD you take to be consistent. When using a dropper or a spray, you have to estimate, and it’s hard to know exactly how much you’ve taken.

CBD capsules take longer to affect the body, though. The capsules take longer because you are ingesting a CBD capsule rather than absorbing it directly into your bloodstream, like when CBD is taken via inhalation or sublingually. When you take CBD as a capsule, don’t expect it to affect you right away. You should start to notice the effects within half an hour or so.

There You Have It

CBD oil drops are extremely versatile when it comes to delivery methods. CBD consumers and sellers are quite creative with CBD, and your options when you first start with CBD can be both overwhelming and exciting. Hopefully, we have been able to give you some ideas regarding your preferences.

You can take CBD sublingually, orally, or via inhalation. These methods all have differing bioavailability, and your choice will depend on how strong you would like those effects to be.

Try out a few and choose what's right for you. You can get your daily allotment of CBD through a vape pen, hot beverages like coffee or tea, baked goods, candies, smoothies, and even alcohol. With so many possible delivery methods, there’s something out there that fits your preferences and lifestyle.




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