Eat Yourself Healthy: A Guide to The World of CBD Edibles

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If you would like to dive into the world of CBD edibles, then welcome! Consider this article your guide to wellness when it comes to consuming CBD edibles. Sure, there are plenty of other CBD options, such as vaping, spray, and oils, but who doesn't love to eat?

We all need to take care of ourselves, especially during these uncertain times, and CBD oil is an excellent addition to your daily wellness routine. CBD edibles are such a fun topic to discuss, as they are one of the most versatile ways of taking CBD, with lots of options open to you. In this article, we have given examples of some of the most popular, as we would be here all day if we identified every CBD edible out there! We will also cover the main benefits of CBD oil and how it can positively impact your daily life. While there is a myriad of CBD edibles out there, we do have a favourite. Spoiler alert – it's CBD mints! After all, they not only taste great, but they have the added bonus of making your breath smell amazing! Don't worry; we will also cover plenty of other options so that you can make an informed decision for yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Read on and discover all the information you need about the world of CBD edibles.

What are CBD edibles? 

Well, to answer this question, we will first need to answer the much-Googled question: "what is CBD oil?" If you are reading this article, then the chances are that you will already understand the wellness benefits that CBD can give you, but there's no harm in covering the whole spectrum of what CBD is- there's bound to be something you don't know here.

CBD is part of a collection of cannabinoids that are naturally produced in cannabis plants. It is a non-intoxicating compound, and there is a wealth of research into its natural benefits. If you have heard of CBD, then you are likely to have heard of THC as well, as this is the famous cannabinoid that causes a 'high' effect. There are many ways of consuming CBD oil, and edibles are an extremely popular option; after all, we all love to eat/ drink yummy things! Plus, it has the added benefit of being good for you, so you can consume CBD edibles guilt-free.

Full-spectrum vs isolate edibles

Not only are there options when it comes to your favourite type of CBD edibles, but there are also different variations of the CBD oil itself. Similarly to buying liquid CBD oil, you can purchase isolate edibles, as well as full-spectrum. The latter is a CBD product that contains the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Many people mistakenly avoid these products, as they worry about the THC levels. However, they only contain a minimal amount, typically less than 0.2%.

On the other hand, an isolate CBD product is self-explanatory, as it only contains pure CBD. There is some level of debate between people when it comes to choosing which CBD product is best, but it all comes down to personal preference. We recommend that you research the matter yourself (and maybe try out what's out there) to enable you to make an informed decision on what best suits your wellness routine.

How long does it take for CBD edibles to kick in?

This is another commonly searched question, and it is easy to see why! After all, people want to know when they are going to be able to reap the benefits of CBD edibles. If you have already taken CBD oil in other forms, such as CBD spray, or oil, then it may take some time to adjust – literally. This is because edibles are a slower-releasing method of CBD in comparison to liquid forms, as liquid CBD typically takes 15 minutes to take effect once they have absorbed into your bloodstream. However, it can take between 30 minutes and 60 minutes for you to feel the benefits from edible forms of CBD. This is because it will need to travel through your digestive system before you can feel any effects. Several other factors can contribute to the time it takes for CBD edibles to take effect (such as metabolism), so it is not an exact science. Your weight, height, gender and other factors all influence how quickly you will be able to reap the benefits of edible CBD. In terms of dosing, we recommend doing your own research, as it comes down to personal preference and your own wellness routine, and we are all different. However, it is vital that you are patient when consuming CBD edibles. By this, we mean don't take more if it is taking a while to kick in, because trust us, it will.

What are the benefits of consuming CBD edibles?

Let's take a look at the key research into the potential wellness and balancing benefits that come with consuming CBD edibles. While there are limited studies on edible forms of CBD, there's a wealth of research into the benefits of CBD itself. It would be impossible to cover it all here, so let's examine some of the key studies and reviews.

Possible effects on mental wellbeing

Numerous studies have reported that CBD oil helps reduce anxiety. For example, an animal study that was published in 2015 reported that the test subjects displayed a lessening of anxious feelings and had a reduction in stress levels. Their signs of behavioural anxiety symptoms were also lessened; for example, a lower heart rate.

There have also been studies into the link between CBD oil and getting a good night's sleep. Insomnia is a common symptom of anxiety and other mental disorders. A 2019 review of the current literature concluded that the calming effects of CBD oil could be a potential treatment for anxiety-related sleep disorders.

Furthermore, research into the potential positive effects on other forms of anxiety, such as Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) has taken place. One such study  was published in 2011. The test subjects suffering from SAD were administered 400mg of CBD or a placebo. The results indicated that those who consumed CBD oil experienced a reduction in anxiety and the symptoms of it.

Physical wellbeing benefits

In terms of the physical benefits of CBD oil, there has been a focus on how CBD might be helpful in the reduction of pain for many different conditions. A good example of this is a review published in 2018, where it assessed the literature from 1975 through to 2018. The studies under review examined the effects of CBD for pain relief of a range of health conditions, such as fibromyalgia, cancer, and neuropathic pain (nerve pain) to name a few. The review concludes that CBD has the potential to provide pain relief for a range of conditions, and there were no adverse side effects caused by its consumption. However, they also note that further study needs to be undertaken, including the monitoring of people taking CBD oil long-term for pain.

Another positive aspect of using CBD oil for pain relief is its potential anti-inflammatory properties. One study published in 2017 researched the effects of CBD on male rats with osteoarthritis. CBD oil was administered over a two-week period, and the researchers found that the inflammation of the rats' joints was significantly reduced. What's more, they reported that CBD acted as a protective element in the development of damage to the nerves and subsequent pain. Another key piece of research that examined the potential anti-inflammatory effects of CBD oil was published in 2015. The reviewers reported that CBD may reduce inflammation through pathways located in the body. Therefore, it holds the potential to be an effective treatment for a range of health conditions linked to inflammation.

CBD edible options

As you well know, there's a considerable amount of CBD edible options to choose from. Narrowing down the right choice for you can be tricky, but here at Amphora, we aim to please. We have helpfully outlined some of the best, and most popular, methods of consuming CBD edibles, and their advantages and disadvantages. While we certainly have a favourite (stay tuned), the ultimate choice is down to you.

CBD Gummies

While these are one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD, most people aren't fully aware of the other options available to them. Thank goodness you are reading this article, right? CBD gummies are similar to consuming sweets, as they are chewy, and some even come in that iconic 'gummy bear' shape for all your nostalgic delights. Of course, there are also other shapes, such as fruit and plain circles. While CBD is the main ingredient, gummies are flavoured to be pleasurable to consume. They come in a whole variety of flavours, so you can pick one that tickles your taste buds. In terms of its advantages, this product is a quick and convenient way of consuming CBD on-the-go. They are a great alternative to capsules, which some people struggle to swallow. Gummies are also a great option if you don't like the earthy taste of natural CBD oil. In terms of disadvantages, they aren't ideal for those of you that don't enjoy the flavour or texture of sweets. They also aren't the healthiest option (although some companies do produce sugar-free CBD gummies that contain natural sweeteners, such as stevia). What's more, some people can be put off gummies, especially if they like to consume their CBD edibles in the morning. Not everyone is going to enjoy eating gummies first thing after waking up!

CBD dried fruit

CBD-infused dried fruit is a healthy alternative to full-sugar CBD gummies. This product is rising in popularity all the time, as people become more aware of the possible wellness-enhancing, supplemental benefits of CBD. There are many different types of dried fruit for you to sample, such as pears, apple, and pineapple, to name just a few. They have a nice crunch to them, due to the removal of moisture, as well as the added therapeutic effects of CBD. They are easy to incorporate into your routine, as you can happily crunch away whenever you feel like it. However, some people dislike dried fruit due to its texture and lack of juice. Like all food, it's really a matter of personal taste!

CBD Protein Bars

Protein bars are a great way of incorporating CBD into your fitness routine. Gym-goers will be well-aware of the benefits that protein bars can provide. They can give you that much-needed spurt of energy during your workout, as well as helping to build up your muscles and help maintain them following a heavy-lifting session. Combining protein bars and CBD simply makes sense, as it provides additional potential wellness benefits, such as keeping you calm and collected while you push your body to its limits. They are ideal for those of you that already eat regular protein bars, as you will easily be able to fit them into your health routine. They are also a great addition to your breakfast, as they will help set you up for the rest of the day, the right way. Some people will prefer to avoid this method of CBD consumption, however. In some circles, people don't particularly value the health aspect of protein bars and would prefer to consume their protein from more authentic places, like meat, fish, or dairy products.

CBD Smoothies

For the health-conscious out there, smoothies are some of the best ways of consuming CBD. They are packed full of nutrients, and combining CBD only adds to the benefits! You can make your own CBD smoothies by adding some drops of CBD oil into your drink. One of the best things about this option is that you can make the smoothie yourself, with whatever fruits or veggies you want to include, so you know you are going to enjoy the taste. One disadvantage to the CBD smoothie is that they can take time to make, and our schedules are busier than ever nowadays. Often, people prefer to reach for a more convenient method where no effort is required from them. However, if smoothies are already an integral part of your wellness routine, why not add a couple drops of CBD into your next one?

CBD Cookies

For those of you wanting to treat yourself, there's nothing better than a tasty cookie! They are a great comfort food for when you are feeling low, and, as we have discovered, CBD is a natural mood-booster. There's nothing better than eating a cookie and feeling good about it! Making CBD cookies is an excellent idea for those of you with dietary allergies and requirements, as you can tailor them to your exact needs. What's more, this means that you can make them with healthier ingredients for the health-conscious among you. Again, once you have made the cookies, they are a convenient way of consuming CBD. However, due to their slow-releasing effects, they aren't the best option to consume in the morning for those of you wanting to kick-start your day. Of course, the world is your oyster, and you could always invent a healthy CBD-infused breakfast cookie that also suits your personal taste!

CBD Chocolate

Who doesn't love a bar of chocolate now and then? It's a wonderful, sweet treat that can boost your mood and put a smile on your face – just like CBD oil! This is a great way of consuming CBD, as it becomes something to look forward to. You could consume it as a pudding, snack, or after your dinner. As we already know, CBD edibles are fairly slow-releasing, therefore consuming them after dinner is an excellent idea for those of you wanting to reap the possible calming effects of CBD for a good night's sleep.

CBD Mints

And we have saved the best till last – mints! These are the hard candies that you will be used to, and they are a combination of typical mint ingredients blended with CBD oil. Let us explain the CBD-derived benefits of consuming them, as in our book, there are only advantages. They are one of the quickest methods of consuming CBD edibles, and they are a great way to bypass swallowing tablets, or the earthy taste of CBD drops. CBD mints also contain herbs, and combining these with CBD may make for more significant benefits due to the synergy between the two. A popular combination of herbs that can be found in CBD-infused mints includes ginkgo, lemon verbena, and echinacea. Here are the key benefits of adding CBD mints to your wellness routine:

The dosage

In terms of dosage, it is typically much lower than the amount of CBD oil you will find in its liquid forms. This is beneficial to your wellness routine for a range of reasons, primarily the fact that your doses will be much easier to manage. You will be able to tweak your dosage and regulate it to fit your specific needs, until you find the amount of mints that works for you. What's more, this makes CBD mints a viable option of consumption for those of you that prefer to take it as and when you feel you need it. You see, while some people incorporate it into their daily health routine, others prefer to consume CBD when they are feeling particularly anxious, or they want to feel the calming benefits for a good night's sleep. Consuming a lower dose, whenever you feel you need it, through CBD mints is a fantastic way of enhancing your daily wellness routine.

The freshening benefits

We all know that consuming mints will freshen your breath, and with the added potential wellness effects of CBD, you can't go wrong! For some people, their breath is a cause for concern and embarrassment. Bad breath can occur for numerous reasons. Unfortunately, some people are naturally prone to it, whilst for others, it can occur after drinking your morning coffee or after eating a plate of garlic bread. In fact, this is a typical time that people will pop a regular mint into their mouth! For some people, bad breath can be a symptom of more serious conditions, such as gum disease. Gum disease can also be painful, thus sucking on a CBD mint will not only freshen your breath, but it may also provide relieving effects from the pain you're experiencing.

They are discreet

CBD mints are a discreet way of consuming CBD, especially if you need to take them on the go. If you suffer from anxiety, then they are a fantastic option for you. You will be confident in the knowledge that you won't stand out from the crowd when you pop a mint into your mouth, as it's a common act that you see people doing everywhere – on their commute to work, in the cinema, when they are out with friends – literally anywhere. They are easy to carry in your pocket or a handbag, and look just like regular mints!

The absorption

Not all edibles have the same absorption time, as CBD mints will absorb far quicker than gummies or cookies. It is a known fact that when CBD is absorbed sublingually (underneath your tongue), it acts quickly, and this occurs when mints are dissolved in your mouth. You won't need to wait long to feel the benefits, as it typically takes the same amount of time that CBD oil takes to work, but mints have the added benefit of tasting delicious!

Limited effort

Unlike other CBD edibles, all you need to do is purchase your CBD mints, and you are good to go! Let's face it, we are all busy nowadays, attempting to juggle work, family life, hobbies, and trying to stay fit and healthy. Why over-complicate with things like baking cookies or mixing your own smoothies when your steps to wellbeing can include simply popping a mint into your mouth? It truly is one of the quickest and easiest steps to wellness.

They are an inclusive option

Most mints are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and they can also come gluten-free. This means people can be confident and feel assured in the knowledge that what they are consuming is safe and appropriate for them. Not all CBD edibles will be suitable for people's allergies or simply to their taste, but a fresh CBD mint is a welcome addition to many people's routines.

Our verdict on CBD edibles

The mints have it! CBD mints are a fantastic way of incorporating CBD into your daily health and wellness routine. Now that you are equipped with all of the relevant information surrounding CBD edibles, we hope that you will be able to use it to enhance your daily life. All of the options that we have covered are great, and we would encourage you to conduct your own research into whichever method you believe will work the most effectively for you.




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