Ridge Charger


Our Ridge changing stand is designed exclusively for your Infused Amphora “Compass Series” vape device powered by Vessel Brand technology. Ridge charger offers a smart, modern and convenient way to dock your Compass vape device safely and tastefully anywhere in your space.


  • Designed exclusively for Compass Series
  • Weighted base (6 oz.) with non-slip surface pad to keep yourcompass secure
  • Moulded to securely store your device.
  • Includes USB to USB-C cable (1.5 m)
  • Dimensions:8cm L x 4.4cm W x 3.7cm H
  • Power adapter not included; only use an approved CE/UL certified mobile phone or tablet USB charging block from a reputable brand. 
  • Intelligent charging; when fully charged, your vape pen automatically stops charging.
  • One (1) year limited warranty