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    New to vaping CBD? We’ve taken the guess work out and made the new addition to your health routine convenient and affordable.

    Experienced vaper looking for your new vape kit? We’ve got you covered with the security and portability of the all in one bundle.

    • Keep all of your vape kit in one spot, protected from accidents, temperature, elements, children and pets.
    • Take all your favorite vaping items along with you so you can enjoy the benefits of CBD wherever you are.

    The Infused Amphora Vape Starter Kit Bundle includes everything you’ll need to start vaping your way to wellness.

    The Infused Amphora Vape Starter Kit Bundle includes:

    • One (1) Vape Pen Protective Case
      • Designed to protect one (1) Infused Amphora vape battery and four (4) of your favourite CBD infused vape cartridges

    What is a vape pen? 

    A vape pen is a power source that heats up vape juice or a vape oil cartridge to produce vapor for inhalation. They’re typically smaller vaporizers that can fit in your pocket or purse and cylindrical in shape – hence the name “pen”.  

    How does a CBD vape device work?  

    Vaporisers are made up of four parts:  

    • Battery: To power your vaping device.  
    • Atomiser: The heating element inside the device that speeds up the molecules inside the liquid you put in your vape to produce vapour.  
    • Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece provides the path for your vapour to travel from the chamber into your mouth.   
    • Chamber: The chamber is the area of the vape that holds your vaping material.  

    Each vape pen varies, but with most include Infused Amphora vape pens, you fill the chamber with your CBD vape oil or distillate and then press the button to activate it. The atomiser heats the oil to the point where it becomes a vapour for you to inhale it. This action of inhalation lets the CBD enter your bloodstream and start working immediately. 

    Does CBD vape work? 

    Vaping CBD is by far the most effective method of taking CBD, because it's absorbed through your lungs into your bloodstream, almost immediately. Vaping also allows you control over finding your best user experience. 

    How to inhale vape?  

    It's a simple technique. Once you've inserted your Infused Amphora CBD oil vape cartridge into the vape pen, turn on your vape device battery and inhale by slowly drawing the vapour into your mouth in sip like breaths. Hold the vapour in your closed mouth for a second or two, open your mouth to breath in vapour and once the vapour is in your lungs, exhale.  

    What are CBD vape benefits? 

    • Vaping has excellent Bioavailability; Vaping CBD is by far the most effective method of taking CBD, because it's absorbed through your lungs into your bloodstream, almost immediately. Vaping also allows you control over finding your best user experience. 
    • Vaping is convenient; Vape pens and CBD oil vape cartridges are portable and easily fit into a purse or bag. Visit our Infused Amphora Accessories for sophisticated cases to hold all your vape kit. 
    • Vaping can be discrete; Vaping and especially vape pens are becoming increasingly more popular, this is because they are typically smokeless, odour-free and come in a range of sizes, subtle designs and shapes to fit your comfort level. 
    • Vaping is easy; Vape pen use and maintenance are easy to sustain, while vaping CBD vape oil is as simple as inhaling. 

    The added benefits of Infused Amphora CBD vape oil are the specially created effects-based formulations using only natural organic CBD distillate and flavored and unflavored terpenes, offering safe and positive additions to your health and wellness routine. 

    How do I know what vape to buy?  

    With a vast new range of CBD products and devices on the market, the options can be challenging to navigate through.  When selecting a vaping device, it's essential to find one to fit your needs and lifestyle. 

    For everything you need to know and which one to buy, visit our Blog on “The ABC of CBD Vapes”. 

    Is vaping CBD oil legal in the UK? 

    YES! CBD oil and vaping CBD oil in the UK is completely legal. However, don’t forget to follow general vape etiquette. This includes observing good manners in social scenarios and spotting and complying to changing policy and permissions to vape in places such as private businesses, restaurants and bars. 

    Is vape bad for your health? 

    Although CBD is considered safe, and the World Health Organization has released a report stating that CBD is “well-tolerated and safe for human consumption, you want to know if vaping is a safe delivery method for CBD. Vape has gotten a bad reputation, and unfortunately, it mostly has to do with low-quality, dangerous additives and product knockoffs. 

    The primary issue that the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) found with vaping is the use of vitamin E acetate to dilute vape liquid. Although Vitamin E acetate is safe for consumption, it has been proven to interfere with normal lung function when it’s heated up and inhaled. Other additives may pose the same danger as well. 

    At Infused Amphora, we use only Natural-100% Organic CBD distillate and flavoured and unflavored terpenes. We eliminate the additives for you, giving you a pure CBD experience without the added worry. 

    The secondary issue with vaping is copycats, fakes and knockoffs. That is why it's essential to understand what you're vaping and to make sure you're purchasing from a trusted source that backs up what they claim with credible certificates of analysis from third-party labs. 

    Visit our blog Is Using A CBD Oil Vape Pen Safe” to learn more. 

    Where can I educate myself on CBD and vaping?   

    Check out our “Learn” section for in-depth content on everything related to CBD and vaping CBD, to assist with your questions and keep you informed.   

    Getting Started: With every purchase of an Infused Amphora Vape Pen you will receive an Infused Amphora CBD oil vape pen powered by Vessel Technology, a magnetic charger and quick start guide. 

    Battery: All Amphora pens contain built-in rechargeable, non removable 240mAH or 320mAH lithium-ion batteries. 

    Battery life: Amphora pens are designed for moderate/casual consumers in mind and should easily last a week or longer. Heavy users may find that they need to charge the battery at a more frequent rate. 

    Temperature settings: Infused Amphora vape devices are designed to power vape cartridges with voltage, not temperature that can be changed based on your preference. The 3 power settings include:  

    Low 2.8V | Medium 3.2V | High 3.6V 

    Cartridge compatibility: Infused Amphora vape inhalation devices were designed to try and accommodate most 510 thread vape pen cartridges. We recommended using Infused Amphora cartridges with your Amphora Vape Device as they were designed specifically for the device in mind and contain safe, quality ingredients you can trust. 

    Infused Amphora CBD Vape Oil Benefits:  

    • Third-party batch tested for CBD concentration and purity 
    • Effects based formulations to help you with your lifestyle goals 
    • Flavoured and unflavored terpenes for added health benefits and a unique flavour profile 
    • Smooth non-bitter taste. 
    • Excellent Bioavailability 
    • All-natural organic ingredients 
    • No dangerous diluents or carrier oils 

    Storage: Both CBD vape pen inhalation devices and cbd oil vape cartridges should be stored ideally in a safe place at room temperature, and away from the elements and bumps, drops or scratches. It’s tempting to just throw them in your pocket or purse, but you’ll want your Amphora pen and vape oil cartridges protected. Check out our Amphora vape pen protective case here, for the most stylish and discrete way of stowing away or taking your vape kit with you. 

    Vape protective cases 

    The main benefits of vaping are the portability and discretion of vape with busy and active lifestyles.  Although it may be tempting to carry your CBD vape pen in your hand or pocket, accidents happen. You'll want to make sure your pen is safe and protected.  

    Ideally, both vape pen and CBD oil vape cartridges should be stored in a safe place away from the elements and sunlight.  

    The most stylish and discrete way of doing this is to store your vape device in a case with your favourite CBD effects-based formulas. Whether you're taking your vape on the commute or along to your rugby match, you will benefit from a protective case.  

    How to use a vape pen case 

    Using a vape pen case is really easy 

    After you’ve selected the perfect vape case for you, simply load it up with all the vape equipment and products you want to take along with you. Make sure you’ve organized the equipment and products with available bands, zips and magnetic closures to keep your items secure from bouncing around.  

    Vape pen cases aren’t just for travel and can be used to store your vape pen and CBD cartridges in one safe place while at home as well. 

    What is a vape pen case? 

    Don't forget the essential piece of your vape equipment. When vaping CBD for your health and wellness, you’ll need to protect your vape equipment and CBD products from extreme temperatures and accidents, while still conveniently taking it along with you. The easiest way to do this is with an Infused Amphora vape protective case 

    There are many different vape pen cases on the market; these typically come in two types: hard-side and soft-side vape cases (sometimes referred to as soft pouches). Both types of cases offer portability. However, hard cases are often bulky, heavy and hard to carry with you, while soft vape cases don't provide as much protection for your vaping equipment. 

    Vape cases also come in a variety of sizes and shapes, some fit only a specific vape device, while others allow room for vaping accessories and cartridges.  

    While your vaping equipment was not inexpensive, a vape protective case is very affordable and offers peace of mine.  

    Infused Amphora protective vape cases are discrete and stylish yet functional, with hard moulded durable vegan leather body and versatile inside allowing you to carry your Infused Amphora vape pen, four (4) Amphora CBD infused vape cartridges, as well as a few small personal items. The lightweight materials make your vaping experience potable for any lifestyle while keeping all your precious things safely in place. 


    What are the benefits of a vape pen case? 

    Quality vape pens and CBD oil products are an investment in your health and wellness. You’ll want to keep your vaping equipment and products clean, protected and organized. Vape cases offer you the benefits of all three.  

    When carrying your vape pen and accessories in your purse, pocket or backpack, your equipment may pick up whatever else is rolling around in there. Dust, crumbs or other items can clog and damage your vape pen and mouthpieces.  

    Keeping your vape pen, products and accessories all in one spot decreases your likelihood of misplacing your equipment. It also will get you in the habit of storing your vaping apparatus properly. 

    Although it’s tempting to just carry your vape pen in your hand, pocket or purse by using a case you eliminate the chances of accidents and damage. Ensuring you extend the longevity to your favourite vape pen and CBD products.  

    Lastly, although most vape pen cases are already pretty discrete, the Infused Amphora vape protective case provides exceptional choice while still allowing you to carry all your vaping equipment and accessories. That means you never need to compromise discretion over functionality. 

    What to look for when buying a vape pen case 

    Vape pen cases come in a multitude of different sizes, builds and designs. With so many options out there, what should you be looking for when purchasing a protective case for your vape pen and accessories? 

    Room: What will you be carrying? You’ll want something easily portable, but don't forget to make sure it has plenty of room. It's essential to have room for your vape pen battery, vape cartridges, charging cable and accessories. A vape pen case can offer storage space for all your vaping items at home or ensure you're prepared for any situation when away. 

    Design & Build: It's important that your case has a tough shell to protect your vape setup from breaks, scratches and dents. Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) is crack and water-resistant, making it one of the most durable materials available. All Infused Amphora vape pen protective cases are made of durable vegan leather moulded with EVA.  

    You will also want to make sure your vape protective pen case comes equipped with magnetic closures and bands to secure your pen, vape cartridges and accessories from bumping around in the case with movement or falling out when opening it. 

    Personal style:  Whether you're looking for storage to keep your vaping items all in one spot or something versatile that you can take along with you. Make sure the vape case you choose fits your personal style.   

    Infused Amphora Vape protective cases offer a discrete yet portable experience. Our compact and lightweight, durable vegan leather design with moulded EVA case makes it easy to take your vaping items along with you, no matter your lifestyle. 

    Warranty: Make sure your vape pen case purchased online comes with a warranty. Back Brands that stand by their product by offering their customers peace of mind and trust in their purchase.  

    Infused Amphora offers a one-year limited warranty on vape protective cases. 

    What are the best vape accessories? 

    There are numerous vaping accessories to choose from on the market.  Infused Amphora offers several high quality vaping accessories through our Shop, including our magnetic charging cables and Base charging stand.   

    Where can you buy vape pen cases online? 

    You can find a variety of cases online and in-store. However, Infused Amphora vape protective cases are durable, portable, stylish, affordable and designed specifically for your Infused Amphora vape pen, as well as multiple Amphora CBD infused vape cartridges and accessories in mind. 

    Infused Amphora vape pen protective cases are made of hard moulded vegan leather with a durable EVA outer layer, and several bands and enclosures for securing your possessions. They provide the best protection while discreetly storing your vaping equipment and accessories. 

    Why is a vape pen case better than a vape bag or vape pouch? 

    Although soft-side vape pen cases come in a wider variety of looks and styles, they're often more compact. Because of the lack of hard shell and compactness, they consequently offer a lot less protection and accessory options then a hard case. 

    Should I get a vape case with a vape cartridge holder? 

    Yes! Cartridge holders allow you to bring extras, so you never run out of your favourite Amphora CBD infused cartridges or need to pick and choose between your favourite Amphora CBD effects based formulations.