The Aches And Pains of Inflammation: Can CBD Provide Relief?

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Inflammation is a common annoyance nobody wants to experience. Interestingly, inflammation is not a disease because it results from an out-of-control immune system response. But, fortunately, there are several effective natural remedies for reversing this glitch in your body's function. One of such readily available remedies you can use for inflammation is CBD and its derivatives. 

How does CBD work?

CBD is the acronym for Cannabidiol which is an extract of the marijuana plant.CBD has a lot of health benefits without the psychotic side effects of marijuana. However, the health benefits of CBD are still subject to research and discoveries. But so far, we know it's safe and healthy to use. Plus, it works well for inflammation and many other ailments.

CBD is popularly touted as an anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and anti-anxiety remedy. According to  research reports, CBD counters inflammation by influencing the activities of endocannabinoid receptors in the body. Since inflammation is often a result of the body's reaction injuries, CBD influences that reaction. It stops pro-inflammatory cells in the body's immune system from reacting to the injury and allows the damaged tissues to heal.

CBD also helps to manage inflammation by reducing pain. CBD inhibits the ability of pain-causing chemicals called prostaglandins in the body. And for people asking;  does CBD work for pain? CBD does a good job of soothing the pain while simultaneously reducing the swelling. 

CBD works the same way for the three main types of inflammation. It works on normal inflammation, acute inflammation, and chronic inflammation. However, it may take different durations to have the desired effect depending on the level of inflammation. 

What Are the Benefits of CBD? 

Research on the use of CBD for inflammation is still in the early stages, and there's a lot to discover about the effectiveness of the remedy. Nonetheless, the discoveries so far are promising. The increasing acceptance of the remedy also makes us trust the popular opinion regarding CBD. Below are some of the benefits of CBD for inflammation;

  • It has anti-inflammation properties that counter the symptoms of inflammation. Inflammation occurs when hormones in the body call out the white blood cells to eliminate damaged tissues and infections. In this case, your body's immune system is unbalanced. That’s where CBD comes in to take care of the problem and balance the body's immune system.
  • CBD helps to relieve inflammation pains. It has soothing properties that help to neutralize the pain-causing chemicals. And even if you're not treating inflammation, you can still use  CBD for pain relief
  • CBD also helps to neutralize toxins that may cause inflammation. There are cases where toxins in the body are responsible for inflammation. CBD contains compounds capable of neutralizing such toxins in the body. 
  • CBD is also useful as an augmentative remedy for multiple sclerosis patients. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system. It often causes lengthy periods of pain and other medical conditions. CBD can help to reduce the pain in this case and also work on the inflammation to make the patient feel better.
  • There are also testimonies of  CBD oil and arthritis. Due to its pain-relieving abilities, people often recommend the use of CBD for arthritis too. 

What Different Types of CBD Products Are Available in the UK? 

You'll find almost all types of CBD products and strains in the UK if you know what you're looking for and where to look. That said, some types of CBD products are more common and readily available than others in the UK. And, given that you intend to use CBD for inflammation, you'll want a type that works fast. So let's look at those.

CBD Cream

Topical CBD products are quite popular in the UK, as more people turn to  CBD lotions and balms for quick pain relief. Topical CBD is quite effective for targeting pains in specific areas of the body. 

CBD creams may help manage inflammation at specific, reachable areas of the body. CBD creams are the fastest for addressing inflammation and pain in exposed parts of the body. You want to use CBD creams in places like the joint areas and the muscles. CBD creams work directly on the skin and provide fast results for problems in the peripheral nervous system.

However, CBD creams and other topical CBD products don't get into the bloodstream. As such, they're not very effective for systemic problems. The farther the problem is from the skin surface, the lesser the ability of the topical CBD product to reach it. You won't get significant results using topical CBD products for inflammation occurring well below the skin surface.

Nonetheless, high-quality CBD creams are the best for surface-level inflammation. Reliable CBD creams don't just mask the pain or inflammation as some poor-quality products do. They work on the cannabinoid receptors on the peripheral nervous system and make the inflammation go away. Plus, they're also good for the general wellness of your skin. 

CBD Oil Drops

CBD oils are the most popular and readily available CBD products. You're certain to find them in any CBD shop or with any authorized CBD vendor in the U.K. CBD oils owe their popularity to the fact that many other natural supplements are also infused in oil. So, people naturally go for oil-infused CBD due to their familiarity with oil-infused remedies.

Nonetheless, and more importantly, CBD oils are very effective for treating inflammation. But, most people tend to unintentionally reduce the potency of CBD oils when they use them. Ingesting and swallowing CBD oil causes it to pass through the stomach and mix with the digestive fluid. The mixture of the oil with digestive fluids and enzymes in the gut reduces the remedy's potency.

The best way to use CBD oil is to take it sublingually. This process involves taking the drops in your mouth and holding them under your tongue for about 30 seconds. The sublingual glands beneath the tongue will absorb the CBD oil directly into the bloodstream. This way, the CBD goes straight into the bloodstream while retaining a significant amount of its potency.

Also, it works faster when you ingest it sublingually as it doesn't have to undergo digestion in the stomach before entering the bloodstream. Typically when you take CBD oil sublingually for inflammation, you'll start experiencing the benefits within 15- 20 minutes.

Also, CBD oils generally have concentrations ranging from 5% to 20%.  High-strength CBD oils may have a concentration of up to 25%. And, unlike topical CBD, CBD oils, when taken sublingually, can have between 12%-45% bioavailability. The only other type of CBD with more bioavailability than CBD oils is CBD vapes. 

CBD Vape

CBD vape is fast becoming a very popular choice among users in the U.K. The trend is not surprising, considering that vaping is one of the most effective ways to consume CBD. If you're looking to get the full health benefits of CBD, the best way to get it is through vaping. 

Vaping is the closest way to get the CBD directly into your bloodstream (please don't attempt to inject CBD into your bloodstream). In other words, you'll be getting the full potency of the CBD straight into your bloodstream without any form of dilution. Plus, the potency of vapes can range anywhere from 25% to 100% per bottle.

As mentioned before,  CBD vapes have the highest bioavailability of all the CBD types owing to their mode of consumption. The  bioavailability of CBD vapes ranges between 34% to 46%. However, there are speculations the bioavailability of CBD vapes can be up to 56%.

Aside from having the highest bioavailability, it also produces the fastest noticeable effects on the user. When you inhale vape smoke, the alveoli lining of the lungs quickly carries the molecules of the CBD into the bloodstream. The CBD molecules retain most of their potency in their gaseous form as they're absorbed into the bloodstream. In context, you'll start experiencing the effects of the CBD within 15 minutes of use.

CBD Edibles and Confectionaries

People also call them CBD foods or snacks. CBD edibles are food items, snacks, sweets, beverages etc., that are infused with CBD. You can infuse CBD in pretty much any snack or food item, and their delayed period of effect is also good for inflammation.

The common examples of CBD edibles you'll find in the U.K are CBD-infused cakes, gummies, and tea. You can also find CBD capsules and soft gels, which are more like medications than food items. Nonetheless, capsules are great as they provide an accurate measure of the amount of CBD you'll be ingesting. It's often more difficult to tell the accurate measure of CBD in actual food items.

Edible CBD undergoes a long process before the CBD molecules find their way into the bloodstream. First, you have to eat the food and then your stomach breaks it down for digestion. The ingestion and digestion process may take hours; as such, the effects of edible CBD are often delayed. Therefore, you'll typically start to feel the effect of edible CBD after a few hours of intake.

The  bioavailabilityof edible CBD is difficult to determine. This problem is because the edible CBD passes through many processes before it gets into the bloodstream. The CBD loses some potency through each process; as such, it's often difficult to determine what's left at the end. 

Nonetheless, you can still count on the edible CBD to take effect after some hours of intake. So you can go on and enjoy some CBD brownies, then relax and wait for it to take effect.

What is CBD Dosage for Inflammation? 

There's no standard CBD dosage for inflammation or any ailment. The right dosage for you will depend on a variety of factors, such as

  • Your body mass index, 
  • The severity of the infection and pain
  • The concentration level of the CBD you want to take
  • And, the type of CBD product you intend to use

Most people use rough estimates or trial and error to get the right CBD dosage. But if you're new to CBD, we strongly recommend you see a doctor to prescribe the right dosage for you. 

If you don't have access to a doctor, then we recommend you begin with the minimum dosage for CBD on the product of your choice. Start from the lowest dosage and slowly work your way up until you discover the right dosage for you. 

Taking too little CBD won't give you your desired results. But, don't worry; taking too much won't have any undesirable effect if the CBD is pure. However, by taking too much, you'll consume excess material you might want to save for later.

Is CBD oil safe?

There are differing opinions regarding the  CBD oil risks and if it's safe to use. However, the popular opinion indicates it's relatively safe. You don't have to worry about getting high with CBD. Pure CBD products don't contain intoxicating ingredients, which is responsible for the psychotic effects of the cannabis plant.

If you still have doubts, we recommend seeing a doctor to address your worries. But we strongly believe you can safely use CBD for inflammation. However, we also strongly advise against the use of CBD oils or edibles by pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers.

CBD Side Effects and Risks

According to a report byHarvard medical school, CBD may have some side effects. The report indicated that CBD users may experience drowsiness, lightheadedness, dry mouth, nausea, and diarrhea. They also reported that in extreme cases, continuous use of CBD increases the risk of damage to the liver. 

Also, you need to note that taking CBD with other medications with similar side effects is not the best Idea. The combination of CBD with these drugs increases the risk of toxicity and unwanted symptoms. It’s in your best interest to use CBD alone when treating inflammation unless recommended otherwise by a doctor.   

Final Thoughts

There’s no conclusive scientific evidence that you can use CBD for inflammation or that it’s effective. However, it’s the same for many other natural remedies out there. Empirical evidence and user testimonies indicate that CBD works for inflammation and other ailments. There’s little to no harm in trying it out. Be careful when buying, ensure to get clean,  top CBD oil pain products, and use them responsibly. 



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