Where to find CBD lab testing results?

Infused Amphora values transparency and consumer trust. We print QR codes, Manufacture dates and Batch Identification numbers on all our CBD products so you can easily find lab testing for CBD products.

  • Simply use your Infused Amphora CBD vape oil cartridge packaging and scan the QR code, use the batch number or manufacturers date to find your test results.
  • Test results can be found under each specific product in our Shop. However, you can also search for the COA of the product you have purchased under CBD Lab Testing Results.

Lab testing for CBD products - What is a Certificate of Analysis (COA)?

  • A certificate of analysis is a certified lab report which provides information on the chemical contents of a product. Amphora products undergo testing by accredited independent, third-party laboratories to ensure that our CBD products meet our high standards of quality.
  • A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a document issued by an accredited laboratory that includes a compositional analysis of a product. Infused Amphora COA’s consist of a list of cannabinoids, potency, and possible contaminants such as pesticides, solvent residue or heavy metals.

Why is a Certificate of Analysis (COA) Important?

  • CBD is an industry where regulations in the UK are still being clarified while a wide range of products are currently offered online. Labelling alone is not always reliable. That is why it's vital that you, as a consumer, know precisely what you're paying for, so you can be confident about the quality of your purchase. Reliable brands who display COAs for their products from a third-party lab value transparency and create trust for their customers.

What is the Manufacture date (MFR)?

  • The manufacture date (MFR) found on Amphora packaging, and COA’s indicates the date that the exact batch of CBD product was produced. The MFR allows consumers to track and review the laboratory analysis and quality of the product they have purchased.

What is the Batch ID?

  • The Batch Identification (ID) found on Amphora packaging and COA’s help consumers track or review laboratory analysis and information about the quality of CBD product they have purchased. The batch ID helps us monitor our products in the event of a recall or issue with the overall quality of that specific product batch produced.