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About Angus Taylor

Angus is the CEO of Infused Amphora and has worked in various industries primarily in strategy, innovation and new market identification. His attention over the past five years has exclusively been focused on the cannabis industry, building companies and advising Governments and regulators.

Angus co-founded Canada’s earliest and largest brick-and-mortar retail cannabis chain, NewLeaf Cannabis, establishing himself as a well-known and recognized expert during Canada’s preparation for legal adult-use cannabis.

In 2018, Angus sold NewLeaf Cannabis and founded his newest venture, Infused Amphora. The CBD brand launched its first premium inhale line in the UK in 2020 with uniquely curated terpene-infused effects-formulated products.

Amphora’s vision is to bring CBD education and quality plant-based products to support individual wellness goals for consumers who make conscious choices to support their health.



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