CBD Oil Benefits and Terpenes: Why You Should Know About Them

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CBD oil is one of the fastest-growing wellness trends in the U.K., and it has everything to do with the benefits. But what is behind those benefits? Is it CBD alone, or is there more to the picture?

If you’ve done any research on CBD oil benefits, then you’ve probably come across the term terpenes. They are a big reason that CBD oil can be so effective. What are these mysterious terpenes, and what do they have to do with CBD’s effectiveness?

What are Terpenes?

Whether or not you’ve ever heard the term, terpenes have been around you your whole life. Terpenes are organic oils found in all plants. Plants initially developed them to keep potential predators away and attract pollinators. There are more than 400 unique terpenes that have been identified to date – and the list is still growing.

Terpenes give off unique smells and influence flavour. If you have ever noticed that certain smells and tastes impact how you feel, you were responding to the terpenes of that plant. The bright, uplifting feeling many get from the smell of a fresh squeezed lemon or the soothing, calming effect of adding a few drops of lavender oil to your bath – those are terpenes at work.

So terpenes add scent and flavour. But there is even more to them. Different terpenes have been shown to have a wealth of different benefits, including on reducing inflammation, anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness as well as improving focus, energy, and ease of mind and body.

On its own, CBD can play a big role in wellness. It has been found to help with many issues such as anxiety or insomnia. But where CBD really kicks into high gear is when it works together with terpenes. This relationship is called the entourage effect.

The Entourage Effect

The entourage effect occurs inside the body. When our bodies receive not only CBD but specific terpenes with it, the effects combine to amplify their wellness benefits. That’s why Amphora uses only broad-spectrum distillate. That means our CBD oil brings all the benefits of pure CBD and the natural terpenes to create that booster shot of effects. Nothing is separated or left out. Whole plant wellness – just like nature grew it.

We select our strains carefully and choose them for their CBD and their terpene profiles. We process them carefully to make certain none of the good stuff gets lost. We also test them rigorously to make sure they are consistent. Over 100 terpenes have been found over the years in various cannabis and hemp strains, but some are more prevalent than others. These are sometimes referred to as The Great Eight.

The Great Eight

The Great Eight are eight terpenes that are found abundantly in across the family of cannabis and hemp plants. Read on for an introduction.


This terpene is the most abundant terpene in cannabis plants. It has a more ‘earthy’ or ‘musky’ smell. The scent of myrcene is sometimes likened to crisp leaves on a forest floor after a gentle rain. In addition to being found in cannabis, myrcene is also abundant in mangos and in lemongrass. There is evidence that myrcene is helpful in addressing pain and inflammation.


If you saw the word and thought ‘lemon’, you were right on the money. Limonene is a terpene found in citrus fruits, especially in the rinds. The bright, energizing scent makes limonene a favourite in cosmetic and cleaning products. But limonene promises much more. It's believed to be able to help with issues like stress, heartburn, immune system deficiencies  and has antibacterial and antifungal  properties.


Pinene is the most found terpene in all of nature. As its name suggests, this is largely due to pinene being found heavily in the pine trees that make up world’s coniferous forests. It is also found abundantly in cannabis. Studies have found pinene brings a broad range of benefits, including anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour properties as well as neurocognitive benefits like increased memory and alertness.


If you’ve ever noticed how often lavender is included in products intended to help relieve stress and encourage restfulness, the terpene linalool is the reason. Lavender is rich in it. Linalool is why lavender has been used for centuries in folk medicine and home remedies to help encourage relaxation and rest. But linalool also brings additional benefits, including anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects.


Caroyphyllene is a terpene with some bite. Found abundantly in black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon, this terpene brings a rich, peppery aroma with hints of spiciness. It’s also the only terpene to date known to bind directly with the CB2 cannabinoid receptors inside our bodies. This is one of the reasons why caryophyllene is a top terpene on the list of researchers right now. Early studies have already shown some powerful potential in this little terpene to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, reduce depression and improve mood.


This terpene is rarely the most prominent in cannabis, but it sits comfortably in the Great Eight because it is one that is found in smaller quantities in most cannabis plants. Like myrcene and pinene, humulene is a fundamental element to the familiar aroma of cannabis. Found abundantly in hops and in wood, humulene has anti-inflammatory properties.  Humulene is also being studied for its promise as an anorectic – an appetite suppressant.


Found heavily in orchids and basil, ocimene is known for its sweet, herbal scent. Ocimene is a favourite in many cosmetic perfumes thanks to its delicate aroma. Ocimene has never taken centre stage in the terpene family but it’s past time this mighty terpene gets its due. Studies have found that ocimene can act as a powerful anti-convulsant and antifungal.


Terpinolene is a subtle terpene that is present in small amounts in many cannabis strains. This complex terpene is found abundantly in lilac and nutmeg, and apples. It brings a layered aromatic and flavour profile that includes notes of citrus, floral tones, and a fresh, sweet tone. But don’t be fooled by its discreet tasting profile. Studies suggest this mighty terpene has potential in reducing heart disease and in disrupting the growth of cancer cells.

Our Broad-Spectrum Promise

Now that you’ve had a quick tour of some of the incredible benefits of terpenes and the entourage effect they create when working with CBD, it’s easy to understand why we insist on terpenes at Amphora.

Many CBD products contain isolate only. That means there is nothing but CBD. Everything else has been extracted and tossed. All that goodness and all those wellness benefits washed away.

We use only broad-spectrum distillate. All the integrity of that pure, natural plant are preserved and delivered to you, minus the THC in a clean and easy to use vape pen. Our formulas are custom designed to bring you the top blends of CBD and terpenes whatever your wellness goals.

Peacehelps you find and hold onto your bliss. This formula targets happiness. Calm. Zen. Whether you need to shake off a hard day, gently remind your body how to relax, or stave off anxious thoughts that are getting in the way of your joy, Peace

Mend is your portable physio session. Designed with your muscles in mind, Mend zeroes in on inflammation and soreness to help restore you after a long workout and ensure you’re raring to go for the next one.

Inspire is a booster shot for the brain. Feeling sluggish, slow, unfocussed? Inspire is a gentle formula designed to help free your creative mind, let you hunker down and finish that big project, and silence that inner self-critic that can sit on your shoulder and stop you from moving forward, getting started, and trying new things.

And Zzz? The name says it all. This formula is a lullaby. Designed to gently rock you to sleep and get you that good night’s rest. If you’re tossing and turning through the night, putting your head down only to wake up an hour or two later with your thoughts churning, or unsettled by dreams that interrupt your restoration time, Zzz is the pen you need.

All the CBD. All the terpenes. All the entourage effect. Nothing left out.  The goodness of the whole plant, right in the palm of your hand. That’s the Amphora promise.

Check out our catalogue here  to learn more about our amazing, terpene-rich choices and where to find them near you.

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