Introducing CBD Wellness Ambassador James Stride

Infused Amphora is thrilled to introduce our latest wellness ambassador – James Stride of Northampton, UK. We are honoured to partner with this health hero, given James’ dedication to wellness through his gym and corresponding cafe, Chamber Health and Wellbeing and Chamber Coffee, as a personal fitness trainer, a former member of the British army, and 2022 Invictus Games athlete.

It was through James’ involvement with the Invictus Games that he became aware of CBD.  “While I always heard positive things about CBD, I didn’t know anyone using it, until I started training for the Invictus Games,” said James. “Lots of the athletes were using CBD for various aliments, and it opened my eyes there was a product out there which could help with my pain and anxiety.”

James served as a mechanical engineer in the British army for 10 years, and during this time he suffered a debilitating spinal injury and lost the use of his right leg. He was in a wheelchair for 3 months, but thankfully through intensive physical therapy, he learned to walk again. It was as a result of this experience that he became passionate about the connection between athletics and mental health.

Part of his wellness regime was integrating CBD into his daily routine to assist with chronic pain. James was introduced to Infused Amphora through a friend who gifted him a bottle of our 6000mg ZZZ tincture. Since then, he uses that formula to assist with sleep, as well as the PEACE formula to assist with anxiety and the MEND formula to assist with muscle recovery, and aches and pains.

Once James regained full use of his legs, he worked as a prison officer for 5 years specialising in physical education for prisoners, training them how to become fitness instructors and personal trainers. He then worked at Virgin Gym and was promoted to Master Trainer. During this time, he also became involved with 6 young men who had a history with violence, street life, racism, and were not receptive to authority. James worked with this group for 8 weeks, helping them focus their energy towards fitness and also helped them learn to cook, and build self worth. 

Motivated by the success at Virgin Gym, and the positive feedback he received from the group of 6 young men he coached, James fulfilled a lifelong dream of opening his own gym, Chamber Health and Wellbeing, with his business partner Shaun Franklin in 2018 in a barn across from a pub outside of Northampton. James and Shaun, built their cliental and business despite the pandemic and multiple lockdowns. They rented gym kits to clients, were grateful to government grants, and opened their new gym location which included a coffee shop (Chamber Coffee) that was allowed to be open during the four-month lockdown starting in January 2021.

James’ daily life is fast paced, stressful and demanding. Between running a business and training for multiple Invictus Games where he participated in 8 different events, including wining a silver medal for powerlifting, and was captain of the rowing team; CBD plays a key role in keeping James physically and mentally aligned.  Continue to follow his journey through Instagram @

@insta_stride, @chamber_hw



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