Vaping Etiquette: Social Vaping in the Age of Physical Distancing

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Vaping is still pretty new. In spite of the first vapes having been around for decades, it’s only in more recent years that vaping has really taken flight. Some choose vaping since it’s discreet and subtle in scent. Others prefer the lighter feel of vape over smoke when they inhale. And others still simply want a convenient and easy way to introduce CBD into their wellness regime.

One aspect that is often ignored is the social component. Back in the day, the ‘smoking circle’ would often gather at specific spots, light up, and enjoy a puff and a chat together.

Is social vaping a thing? Is it safe to stand near someone for a few draws during the age of pandemic?

Let’s talk etiquette and vaping in the age of physical distancing.

Where Can I Vape?

Some localities have passed specific bylaws around where vaping is and is not allowed. But with or without a law on the books, a good rule of vaping etiquette is to assume the rules are the same as the rules for smoking. If you wouldn’t or can’t smoke there, assume vaping there is out.

See a no smoking sign? Don’t vape there. A rule where you are about standing a minimum distance away from entrances or windows to light up a smoke? Apply the same rule when vaping.

The same considerations apply to private space. If you live alone, you can make the choice about what does and doesn’t happen inside your home. But if you live with others, it’s worth checking in with them on their preferences. Some prefer vaping be kept indoors and fully private. Others may prefer not to be around it or worry that it could lead a guest to believe that you’re okay with smoking inside. Checking in with those you live with can help keep the peace at home.

And if your partner or housemate does say they want vaping to be outdoors only, work it into your ritual. An ‘outside only’ house rule doesn’t have to feel restrictive. Make it part of your ritual! Stepping out into the fresh air for a few draws can actually enhance your wellness practices by creating a clean break and changing the environment as you enjoy your ‘me time’ with the sky, the flowers, and a long, relaxing draw of top quality CBD.

Can Vaping Be Social in the Age of Distancing?

One of the hardest things for many of us through these COVID-y times is missing our old social rituals – whether that means the bloke you liked to chat with about gardening on the tube commuting in to work, or that break moment at the office when you give yourself the green light to step away from the emails and head outside for a few draws and a friendly chat with colleagues.

Mental health goes hand in hand with physical health. Maintaining connection with others is part of how we look after our whole selves. We are social beings.

So yes. You can still enjoy that vape in the company of friends or colleagues. And you can practice good vaping etiquette to do so safely.

First, keep more space around you. Give yourself and others their two metres. Second, mind your exhale. Don’t blow that cloud of beautiful vapour into the centre of your social circle while you chat. You can’t vape with a mask on and your exhale, however gentle, will push droplets toward your friends in the circle. Instead, get into the practice of turning your head away from others before you release your draw.

These simple social vaping etiquette tips can help you stay safer and help others feels safer to join your social vaping circle.

Is It Cool to Share?

Have you ever been asked by a curious friend whether they can take a draw off your vape, just to see what it’s like?

Some who are CBD-curious might ask for exactly this. They’re not quite ready to jump in and buy, but they are interested in drawing in to try.

In ‘before time’ (those blissful days before coronavirus) this might not have been such a big deal. Personal comfort would have dictated whether you felt okay to share with a friend. But we are not in ‘before time’. Sharing anything that has come into contact with your saliva is not a good idea. Sharing isn’t caring in the age of COVID.

So how to handle the awkward moment when you’re asked? With honesty… and some safe and easy ways to let your friend introduce themselves to the product. Let them know sharing a mouthpiece is out and introduce some suggestions, like investing in a cartridge of the formula they want to try and letting them try that with your battery.

Or let them know how easily they can pick up a full kit for themselves! Many anticipate that a quality vape will break the bank. Not so. Our pens are elegant, top quality and offered at a great price. You can see the full line here.

Summing Up Social Vaping

Vaping is so many things to so many of us. It is ritual. It is wellness. It is a step away from the frantic pace of life to insist on a ‘me moment’. And for many of us, it’s a moment to connect with ourselves and with others as we take in a few deep draws. In an age of pandemic and physical distancing, we need these things more than ever.

Practice good and safe vaping etiquette in a time of distancing by keeping space around you and respecting the space of others in your vape circle. Mindfully direct your exhale away from others to help prevent spread of droplets. Don’t share your mouthpiece and make considerate choices about where you vape to keep the peace between vapers and non-vapers alike.

And most of all, look after yourself. Most of us are dealing with stresses we never would have imagined a year ago. Practicing self-care for your emotional and mental health is more part of protecting yourself.

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Be well!




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