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Sleepless nights spent tossing, and turning can be overwhelming. Whether it’s stress that’s keeping you awake or too much energy, the lack of sleep can certainly take a toll on your mental and physical health. As a result, you may feel groggy, restless, or just plain tired the next day. But there is a possible solution that can give relief.

Consider taking CBD oil for sleep and rest to give you the energy you need to face the day. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compounds from the cannabis plant that comes in various forms and may be the perfect solution to help you catch z’s.

This article will explore CBD and sleep patterns and how recent studies show that cannabidiol is a natural remedy growing in popularity. Then, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about how CBD oils help with sleeping, including when and how much to take to feel better.

What is CBD Oil?

The cannabis, or hemp plant, is highly versatile. Originally from central Asia, the plant is now known worldwide, and people use its fiber, oil, and seeds for a variety of uses. Hemp fiber is commonly used for textiles such as clothing, rope, yarn, rugs, paper, and more. Explore CBD further. 

CBD oil comes from the leaves, flowers, and stalks of hemp plants and is used for health issues such as mood, stress, skin conditions, and more. You can also use hemp seeds as a source of magnesium, which may help with blood pressure, cholesterol issues, and preventative heart diseases.

UK residents can take CBD oil as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC per product. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main chemical in marijuana that alters the user’s state of mind and makes people feel “high.” The small to absent legal amount of THC in CBD oil is not enough to produce psychoactive effects. CBD typically stays in your system for 2 to 5 days or more.

The World Health Organization has determined that CBD oil is safe for consumption and not addictive.

Does CBD Oil Help You Sleep?

Sleep issues can range from restless nights to insomnia. Whether these ailments result from external conditions or related health issues, CBD oil may provide relief.

Insomnia, defined as a sleep disorder that prevents going to or staying asleep, is a common illness. According to an Aviva study in 2017, one in three adults suffers from insomnia. Stress is often linked as the leading cause of insomnia. So whether you are worrying about work, health, family, or finances, these stressful life events may cause anxiety and insomnia.

If you have trouble sleeping, taking CBD oil may provide relief. Recently, there was a three-year study that showed preliminary results of CBD offering therapeutic treatment. Researchers found that CBD oil helped reduce nightmares for those with PTSD and improved sleep for those with chronic pain.

Currently, there are clinical trials for CBD oil taking place around the world. The results of these trials and the effectiveness of CBD are still being determined, but the scientific and medical communities generally agree on the potential benefits. Over the recent years, CBD has become a popular natural remedy for everyday issues.

How To Take CBD Oil

After you decide to take CBD oil for sleep treatments, you will need to determine how to administer the supplement. There are benefits and to each method, so it’s recommended that you choose what’s best for you and your lifestyle.

The common methods of taking CBD oil for sleep related issues are:

  • Vaping
  • Sublingual
  • Capsules
  • Edibles
  • Smoking

There is also a CBD cream or topical application, but this method is typically used for sore muscles, and various skin conditions. It may help with trouble sleeping by massaging the cream on your temples or neck, but there is not enough research to determine its effectiveness.

Let’s take a look at the other ways to use CBD oil in more detail:

CBD Vape

In this article we discuss the benefits of getting a good night’s rest by vaping CBD oil. Vaping is a relatively new method but effective in combating sleep issues.

An e-cigarette, or a “vape”, is an alternative to smoking that is increasing in popularity. There are devices such as vapes, vape pens, and e-cigarettes that heat up a liquid and turn it into vapor that the user inhales. You are “vaping” when you use this kind of device.

When you vape CBD oil, it immediately enters your system and starts taking effect. The vapor starts in your lungs and travels throughout your body, and with each inhalation you add more CBD to your system.

Bioavailability is the rate that a substance enters and affects the system. Vaping CBD oil has a bioavailability between 34-46%, the highest of all possible methods.

Vape devices come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and can be filled with nicotine or CBD oil. Pre-filled disposable CBD vape pens are an easy and inexpensive way to take CBD for sleep related issues. Or you can buy prefilled CBD vape cartridges for your safety, and to ensure the product is compliant with UK law.

You must be at least 18 years old to buy if you are new to the vape world in the UK.

Amphora offers everything to build a Vape Starter Kit Bundle to get you started. It comes with a vape pen, one CBD vape cartridge of your choice of effect, a charging cable, and a protective case.

CBD Oil Drops (sublingual)

Another way to take CBD oil to help with sleepless nights is by the sublingual method.

The sublingual method administers your CBD supplement by placing it under the tongue to be absorbed through your sublingual gland. It is slowly absorbed into your system and provides relief 3 to 10 times greater than taking a drug orally, due to bioavailability

To take CBD oil sublingually, place the drops under your tongue and hold them in place for 20 - 30 seconds. You only need a small amount of CBD with high strength oil drops, and the dropper is a great way to manage the dosage.

The effects of CBD tend to last longer when taken sublingually and you don’t need any extra equipment to get relief. The earthy taste may be too difficult for some users to tolerate, however CBD oil drops are versatile and can be added to food and drinks to improve the taste.

CBD Capsules

For a more traditional method of receiving treatment, consider CBD capsules.

CBD capsules, or pills, are taken orally with water or juice and provide an efficient way to take cannabis for sleep relief. The capsules are easy to ingest and are usually available in potencies of 10mg, 25mg, and 50mg.

For people who don’t like the earthy flavor of oil drops, CBD capsules provide a another solution for ingesting CBD. Users typically don’t taste the CBD oil when consuming it via capsules.

Another benefit of CBD capsules is that they are discreet.. If taking CBD is not quite mainstream for your community, taking CBD capsules may be the perfect solution to get relief without judgement.

CBD Edibles

Another indiscreet method of taking cannabis for sleepless nights is edibles. You may be familiar with marijuana edibles such as brownies or candy, but CBD edibles don’t have the THC element. It’s the same idea of infusing food with cannabis but for supplemental purposes without the high.

Edibles are a method that has been around for several years. Finding the correct dosage may be difficult, and it takes longer for the CBD to take effect, but eating edibles may be more enjoyable than vaping CBD oils or taking capsules. Alternately, You can also mix edible CBD oils with various foods and drinks to find the taste you prefer.

Or you can buy CBD edibles online or at a local store. CBD edibles are legal in the UK, but they must contain the legal limit of THC (less than 0.2%), and you should purchase them from a reliable source.

When you buy CBD from a trusted source, the bottle will have a label of ingredients and the brand will supply a readily available lab test. However, it’s too risky to purchase edibles from an unreliable source because you won’t know the ingredients or how much THC is in the product.

Smoking CBD Concentrate

One of the quickest ways to enjoy CBD is by smoking or inhaling the CBD oil through a pipe-like device. Although smoking is the fastest way to get CBD into your system, it’s also the most destructive on your throat and lungs.

Although it’s fast and effective, smoking CBD also leaves your system quicker than other methods and getting the right dosage is unreliable.

If you want to inhale your CBD, vaping is better than smoking. Because vaping comes in pre-filled pens or cartridges, you know what ingredients are in it and the exact amount of CBD that you are inhaling.

When To Take CBD Oil For Sleep

Anxiety and stress are usually the reason for sleepless nights. A recent  anxiety and sleep study shows that CBD and sleep are compatible. More than 66% of patients in the study reported better sleep scores within the first month of treatment.

To improve your own sleeping patterns, it is recommended that you take CBD at least one hour before going to bed. And take CBD daily for best effects. It’s not possible to overdose on CBD and it will help with overall health.

CBD Oil Dosage for Sleep

We recommend to start at a low dose and increase gradually to an amount you’re comfortable with. Again, you can’t overdose on CBD, but you want to find the happy-medium of enough CBD oil to provide relief but not too much that leaves you drowsy all day.

Who Should Take CBD Oil to Sleep

CBD oil is becoming a common treatment for many health issues. If you are suffering from lack of sleep, CBD can help you feel better. It’s also known to reduce stress, help reduce pain, clear up acne, and reduce cancer-related symptoms such as nausea.

In the UK, it is legal for adults 18 years and older to purchase CBD oils. You can buy online or at retail stores across the country. You will want to purchase from a professional and trustworthy seller so that you have confidence in the product. Sleeping a full night with sweet dreams can be reality again when you take CBD oil.

Amphora's ZZZ Effects-Based CBD

If you’re feeling tired and simply want to close your eyes for a good night’s rest, try Infused Amphora’s ZZZ collection. These products are specially designed to help you sleep and have a more productive lifestyle. You can work better and live better when you have a great night sleeping the recommended 7 or 8 hours.

Whether you prefer vaping, or a dropper of CBD oil to take sublingually or with edibles, CBD can provide the relief you need. Shop the store today for your preferred product.


After several sleepless nights, you may be ready to try just about anything to get relief. Don’t be afraid of the CBD stigma that may persist in your circle of friends. CBD is considered safe by the World Health Organization and can help you get the sleep you need to live a healthy life.

Amphora offers the CBD oil products you want for the sleep you need.




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