Amphorae [AM-FUH-REE]

were used as containers in antiquity for the storage and transportation of precious tradable goods that were shipped throughout the ancient world across the open sea aboard vessels.

When one thinks of this ancient world, visions of gladiators and philosophers emerge, and open markets where goods from all cultures came together to be traded. High standards of maintaining a healthy body and mind were of upmost importance then, and here at Infused Amphora, we still hold these core values today.

Much like the Amphora [AM-FER-UH], hemp-derived CBD dates back thousands of years.

Although it's had a long and sometimes complicated history, ongoing research points to a tremendous potential range of benefits towards ongoing general health and wellbeing.

Bringing the richness of the past together with modern quality assurance practices, Infused Amphora offers a unique and trusted user experience to deliver daily moments of luxury to those looking for a positive everyday addition to their wellness routine.

Infused Amphora is a wholly owned subsidiary of Infused Products International UK Ltd.


Commitment Statement 

Infused Products International UK Ltd. (IPI) and our Amphora Brand are designed with a commitment to connecting people with quality products they can depend upon. People are at the centre of our operations, and that means that we actively support individuals who are empowering themselves on their journey to health and wellness care. 

 At IPI, we also believe in a dedicated commitment toward producing premium quality products. Our organization is focused on developing and delivering products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients and partners. Standing on over 2 decades of experience, we work inclusively with people to define what their wellness measures of success look like. We do that by earning their trust and seeking input on how best to improve clients user experience and access to products which enhance their well being. 

Creating and delivering consistent products is not enough, and we actively encourage clients to test and elevate product quality and efficiency of use and provide feedback by using our world-class client care network to enhance quality assurance efforts. Through informative and direct engagement, we optimize our products on an ongoing basis to offer maximum value to our clients. 

IPI insists on the highest quality standards which are intended to ensure consistency of processes across our organization and provide products which our clients can have confidence in.  We test all products during the full lifecycle development to ensure they meet or exceed expectations on safety, quality, and all applicable regulations.  

Having high standards means we make exceptionally high demands of ourselves and the products and services we provide. At IPI, our standards are discussed and set through careful planning with our strategic partners and specific quality control agreements. These agreements allow us to maintain standards for which our customers can expect consistency and effective management of their personal health regimes. 

IPI sets quality assurance metrics for all processes which make up our product development, and are careful to remove shortcuts on the formulation, production, packaging and shipping. Our clients receive only the best products once it leaves our labs or fulfilment centres. We will always conduct appropriate research and studies early in the design phase of our product development to identify and adjust material, equipment, and processes to ensure the quality of our products. 

Measuring Quality Assurance 

We make sure that product quality assessment is carried out at each and every stage in the application or system development cycle, from the design phase through to shipping. This guarantees that the end product is of the finest quality and meets the customers’ expectation in terms of excellence and satisfaction.  

Quality Commitment Expectation 

IPI believes that quality is not just a team of experts involved in the validation of a product, in fact, it’s more than that, its a complete process that starts with every employee, contractor and business partner. We work hard to embed quality control responsibilities for internal processes and projects. As such regular audits and assessments within our organization are conducted to ensure that we are always maintaining the highest possible standards of . Quality is not only a matter of policy or process; it’s a matter of pride. 

Innovating and Continuously Improvising Processes 

We continuously make every effort to improve the products we are developing as well as the end product delivered to our customers. The knowledge and skills of our team of experts are regularly upgraded through new training, knowledge sharing and research, helping to improve IPI as a team and consistently deliver better results. This effort of upgrading ourselves on the technical and quality fronts helps us deal with a dynamically changing market.