Amphorae were used as containers in antiquity for the storage and transportation of precious tradable goods that were shipped throughout the ancient world across the open sea aboard vessels. When one thinks of this ancient world, visions of gladiators and philosophers emerge, and open markets where goods from all cultures came together to be traded. High standards of maintaining a healthy body and mind were of upmost importance then, and here at Infused Amphora, we still hold these core values today. 

Much like the Amphora, hemp-derived CBD dates back thousands of years. Although it's had a long and sometimes complicated history, ongoing research points to a tremendous potential range of benefits towards ongoing general health and wellbeing. 

Bringing the richness of the past together with modern quality assurance practices, Infused Amphora offers a unique and trusted user experience to deliver daily moments of luxury to those looking for a positive everyday addition to their wellness routine.



Infused Amphora is a wholly owned subsidiary of Infused Products International UK Ltd


Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

Infused Products International Ltd (IPI) is assembling an independent scientific advisory committee of multi-disciplinary health professionals. They will work in collaboration with IPI to assist in furthering the understanding and potential health and wellness benefits of cannabis and other therapeutic plants.  The SAC will be mandated to achieve this through innovation, best practices, thought leadership and strategic alliances to support IPI and their Infused Amphora to become the leading and most trusted global health and wellness brand of cannabis plant-based products.

Visit the link below for more information on the SAC and insight into our committee members.

SAC Information and member biographies