Amphora Wellness Journal


"Wellness" is being aware of your choices for mind, body and spirit, and making decisions that will help you to realize a more balanced self. 

When it comes dosage, there are no “official” guidelines. This is because there are many factors for the way your body will interact with CBD, including:  

  • Concentration of CBD  
  • Age  
  • Weight  
  • Metabolism   
  • Height   
  • Genetic Predispositions   
  • Biochemistry   
  • Gender   
  • Overall Health   
  • Tolerance   
  • Medications you are taking  

We at Amphora recommend starting low and slow, by recording your target, intake method and dosage in a journal to fine tune your experience and reach the goal you set out with. 

Infused Amphora wants to take an active role in helping you achieve your wellness goals. For a limited time, starting January 8, 2021, all customers will receive a “Wellness Journal” with their purchase to track your progress because just like dosing, we realize not everyone works the same way or will achieve the same outcome. Please visit our downloadable tips to recording your health and wellness journey HERE.  

For more information on dosage, please visit our blog: One Size Doesn’t Fit All: The Complexities of Dosing CBD