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For the past decade, CBD has been on the lips of everybody in the UK wellness world, from celebrities and influencers to doctors and scientists. All of the buzz surrounding CBD is warranted, considering the myriad of health and wellness benefits that It’s been proven to offer.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at all of the different health benefits CBD can provide you with and share some tips on how to begin incorporating CBD into your busy lifestyle.

Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the most sage pieces of advice we can give you as you begin incorporating CBD is to take a moment to evaluate other areas of your lifestyle where you can make healthy choices.

There are so many benefits of a healthy lifestyle, including:

  • Reduces risk of disease - A healthier lifestyle, including a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, can dramatically reduce your risk for deadly conditions like cardiovascular disease or diabetes.
  • Reduces stress - Stress is an internal response to various factors, many of which we can control. A healthy lifestyle and regular exercise help reduce your internal stresses so you can achieve homeostasis.
  • Helps you live longer- Making healthy choices in aspects of your life is a sure-fire way to extend your lifespan. Taking steps like following a nutritious diet, limiting alcohol consumption, and getting enough sleep can help you live longer.
  • Keeps you looking younger - While ageing is universal, some choices we make, like smoking or drinking, can cause us to age prematurely.

How CBD works

The growing interest in CBD has led us to a greater understanding of how CBD works. While CBD has been used medicinally for centuries, the scientific community has only ramped up their study of CBD over the past few decades. But, in those studies, we’ve been able to learn a great deal about how CBD works.

CBD affects the endocannabinoid system in our bodies, a natural component of our central nervous system. This system is made up of receptors, endocannabinoids, and enzymes. CBD itself is an endocannabinoid, and when it’s consumed in any way, it reacts with these receptors and helps them establish a balanced state of homeostasis inside your body.

When your body can achieve homeostasis, it has an uncanny ability to self-correct many of the issues we experience each day. Whether you’re dealing with stress, chronic pain, skin conditions, or many other health issues, your body will be better positioned to regulate itself and reduce or eliminate these problems when your endocannabinoid system is in balance.

CBD also appears to be influenced by something known as the entourage effect. The entourage effect is a phenomenon by which CBD benefits from the presence of other cannabinoids, and the different compounds will work together, creating a synergistic effect. The entourage effect comes into play when you consider the different forms of CBD available today.

  • CBD Isolate - CBD with all other cannabinoids removed during the extraction process. Isolate is pure CBD, and nothing else. There is no need to be concerned about ingesting THC and its intoxicating effects when using CBD isolation.
  • CBD Distillate- CBD distillate is a highly refined cannabis extract that is frequently made from CBD hemp flower and biomass. Distillate is one of the purest forms of CBD. CBD distillate, unlike CBD isolate, contains all of the plant's beneficial makeup, including cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, fatty acids, and <0.2 percent THC to encourage the "entourage effect."
  • Broad Spectrum- CBD with most other cannabinoids remaining. Most broad-spectrum CBD aims to remove most THC, which helps ensure the product’s legality while still allowing users to reap some benefit from the entourage effect.
  • Full Spectrum - CBD in its most organic form. With a full spectrum product, none of the other cannabinoids present are removed during processing, and it contains THC. Studies suggest full-spectrum CBD is the most effective form, but the THC content makes it illegal in most countries. CBD products in the UK must contain <0.2% THC.

CBD Benefits for a Variety of Health and Wellness Goals

Now that we have a better understanding of what CBD is and how it works, let's take a closer look at the health benefits of CBD oil you can expect to experience when you begin incorporating CBD into your healthy lifestyle.

CBD for Fitness

There are a broad range of different CBD fitness benefits, and it may help you to make the most out of your workouts. CBD helps reduce inflammation, which is typical whenever you’re exerting your muscles. CBD can also help you achieve better sleep, a crucial component of the muscle recovery process.

With many athletes singing the praises of CBD fitness products, the field is growing rapidly, and you’ll find many CBD fitness creams, topicals, and drinks for recovery or performance.

When taking CBD products for fitness, you’ll receive the greatest benefit by opting for a fitness-specific product, such as Amphora’s MEND high-strength CBD oil drops or vape cartridges. This formulation is designed to provide relief from aches, pains, and overexertion, which are common among fitness enthusiasts.

CBD for Pain

One of the areas with the greatest body of supporting research into CBD health benefits is pain management. In both clinical and anecdotal settings, CBD users have been able to find relief from chronic pain and inflammation stemming from a variety of ailments and injuries.

From neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia to chronic pain and pain relating to cancer treatment, a growing body of research suggests CBD may be a powerful tool to combat the discomfort associated with these conditions so you can focus on living your best life.

One of the most effective ways to take CBD  for pain is by vaporizing pure, high-strength CBD oil. Our MEND vape cartridges and MEND high-strength CBD oil are both excellent choices for finding relief from chronic pain symptoms.

CBD for Sleep

CBD is also very promising as a sleep aid, and people who suffer from difficulty falling asleep and those with issues staying asleep have reported excellent results using CBD. Many people find that taking CBD supplements before bed helps them fall asleep more easily and sleep more restfully through the night.

Initial research on CBD and sleep disorders has proven to be interesting, but we’re still very far from being able to make substantial claims about its effectiveness. Still, early studies into CBD and REM sleep behaviour disorder, insomnia, or excessive daytime sleepiness disorder have shown promising results. We look forward to more research into these different areas.

The ZZZ blend of vape cartridges and high-strength CBD oil is the perfect match for anyone looking to achieve a more restful night’s sleep with the help of CBD. This specially-formulated blend is crafted with CBD and added terpenes designed to help you calmly and peacefully drift off to sleep after a busy day.

CBD for Anxiety

Another area that CBD shows promise is as a treatment for anxiety-related symptoms. A variety of side effects caused by anxiety-related disorders all seem to respond positively to treatment with CBD.

Studies suggest that there are tangible CBD mental health benefits, and test subjects were able to experience relief from stress and anxiety-related disorders by supplementing with CBD.

When taking CBD for stress, it’s best to choose a long-acting product that can deliver relief from symptoms throughout the day. Edibles, vape cartridges, and CBD oil all make a wise choice if you’re using CBD for stress.

Amphora’s PEACE blend of vape cartridges and high-strength CBD oil drops are the ideal choice if you’re adding CBD to your health and wellness routine as a way to combat symptoms of stress.

CBD Muscle Recovery

CBD also shows great promise as a muscle recovery aid after injury, overexertion, or workouts. We know that CBD exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties, which lend well to muscle recovery applications.

When used topically or orally, CBD can help reduce inflammation, which aids the recovery process. While topicals offer a targeted approach to muscle recovery, the highest bioavailability  is vaping CBD or using sublingual long-acting CBD oil drops, like Amphora’s MEND blend. These provide another tool to consider when you need to find relief for your muscles after a strenuous workout.

CBD Skincare

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBD make it a no-brainer as a beauty and skincare product. Skin issues such as redness and dryness can be aided with CBD skincare, and its antioxidant properties help heal free radical damage.

Perhaps more interesting, some studies on CBD health benefits have found it to possibly be effective as an aid for issues related to eczema and psoriasis.

Is CBD Safe?

As people throughout England and the world begin to learn more about CBD and incorporate it into their healthy lifestyle, the top question people have is, “is CBD safe?” The answer is a resounding yes; CBD is safe.

Nearly everyone can safely use CBD, and it’s legal to buy and sell in England and throughout most of the world. Unlike THC, there is no high associated with CBD, no risk for dependency, and no research that suggests that CBD use is potentially dangerous.

A growing body of academic research suggests that CBD is effective for treating various symptoms and ailments and that it’s safe and non-habit forming. A recent study on reasons for CBD use illustrates just how far-reaching and diverse the different applications for CBD are.

How Much CBD Oil to Take

Knowing how much CBD to take is a question on the mind of all first-time CBD users. People are eager to see that they’re receiving a therapeutic dose of CBD while also ensuring that they’re doing so safely and with their body’s best interests in mind.

One size doesn’t fit all with dosage. How much CBD you should take with each dose is influenced by several factors, including your body weight, the severity of your symptoms, and your sensitivity to CBD or cannabinoids.

You’ll also want to consider the method you’re using, as this can affect how quickly the onset of relief is. For example, CBD tends to act much faster when administered with a vaporizer than if you were to ingest CBD.

Ways to Work CBD Into Your Routine and Tracking Progress

You already lead a busy lifestyle, and the idea of having to keep track of another thing is probably less than appealing. Thankfully, with so many different ways to incorporate CBD into your daily life, it’s easy to do so without a second thought.

Here are some of the many ways you can begin working CBD into your daily routine:

  • Add a dose of CBD oil to your morning breakfast or smoothie
  • Use a CBD face or body moisturizer as you get ready for the day
  • Incorporate a CBD pill into your daily vitamin routine
  • Use a CBD muscle recovery cream after a workout
  • Relax with a nighttime bath with a CBD bath bomb
  • Take CBD gummies formulated for a good night’s sleep before bed
  • Or simply vape CBD while you’re on the go

It can also be helpful to target the products you’re using to the benefits you’re hoping they’ll provide. For example, topical CBD creams for muscle recovery can deliver relief in the affected dermal areas effectively. Whereas vaping CBD 20 minutes before bed will help you get to sleep quickly.

It’s helpful to keep a journal documenting your daily CBD intake and note how you’re feeling. This journal can be beneficial as you begin to dial in the ideal CBD dosage for you, the best ways to incorporate it into your routine, and the most effective method of use for you.

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