CBD’s Rise in Popularity: Taking Your Wellness Routine by Storm

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CBD has been around for thousands of years now. In fact, it was first used as a wellness supplement back in 2727 BC in China by Emperor Sheng Neng. He drank a cannabis-infused tea to potentially help lessen the symptoms of a range of maladies he was suffering from, which included malaria, gout, rheumatism, and poor memory. However, it was not until recently (the past few years) that CBD oil has really hit its stride (and been backed up by modern science). CBD has made its way into many wellness and health products, and the demand for it is only increasing! It is estimated that by 2024 the global CBD market could strike the $20 billion mark.

What’s more, a UK study published in 2019 discovered that CBD oil users that year hit 6 million, and that’s just in the UK! So, the question on everyone’s lips is why? Why now is CBD’s popularity rising to meteoric heights? Well, stay tuned, because that’s what this article is all about. We will examine the different factors that contribute to CBD’s rise in popularity, as well as outline the various ways that you can consume it. Spoiler alert, one of the reasons for CBD’s growing popularity is the new, fun ways you can consume it – such as CBD mints and edibles!

What is CBD oil?

When it comes to learning about CBD, the internet search “what is CBD oil?” is the first port of call for many curious people. So, it is only fitting that we answer this question here for you. CBD was first identified as a phytocannabinoid back in 1940, and it is one of over 100 found in cannabis plants. CBD oil is one of the most famous compounds to be found within the plant, alongside its cousin Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The latter contains psychoactive properties which cause the sensation of feeling “high.” However, CBD will produce no such feeling - hence its rise in popularity as a supplement for people’s healthy lifestyle. To make CBD oil, CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, and then a carrier oil is used to dilute it. The most commonly used carrier oils are hemp seed oil and coconut oil, as they carry natural benefits with them, just like CBD. Hemp seed oil contains a broad-spectrum of nutrients, such as vitamin B and D, omega-3 and omega-3 fatty acids and gamma-linolenic acid, whilst coconut oil is full of beneficial fats and vitamin E, thus contributing to the health profile of CBD.

The legality of CBD

The legality of CBD oil is a complicated subject, as it differs from country to country. Therefore, we would encourage you to do your own research into CBD oil and its legality within the country where you reside, as arming yourself with this knowledge is the responsible thing to do. What’s more, you should never assume that the country you are travelling to has the same laws as your country. For instance, America is a minefield, as the laws vary from state to state! For example, in Idaho, CBD and hemp are completely illegal, while in Alabama, CBD is entirely legal. Some states have specific laws about the ways you can consume CBD oil, such as in Colorado, where you can’t consume it via baked goods. Luckily, when it comes to consuming CBD oil in the UK, things are a lot simpler. Whilst the majority of cannabinoids are banned, luckily for us, CBD is not! However, there are strict conditions pertaining to the legality of CBD. It needs to have been derived from an industrial strain of hemp that has been approved by the EU.

Furthermore, CBD oil can only contain trace amounts of THC, no more than 0.2%, as stated by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. This THC should not be able to be easily separated from the CBD. We should also note that it is illegal for you to grow your own hemp or cannabis - so just stick to buying your CBD from safe and reputable sellers - like us here at Amphora! Overall, the legality of CBD oil in the UK has undoubtedly contributed to its rise in popularity. Smart, health-conscious people are keen to consume safe and legal substances like CBD that can supplement their health and wellbeing routines.

The growing body of research into CBD oil

Scientific research, studies, and reviews into the potential benefits of CBD oil are always growing, and this serves to increase its popularity. The possibilities of CBD appear far-reaching, as there’s research into its potential benefits linked to many different areas of health. Here, we will examine some of the most encouraging pieces of research into a variety of conditions that CBD holds the potential to help manage.

“CBD oil for pain” is a commonly searched-for phrase across the internet, as people find themselves dealing with pain for numerous reasons. This could be due to period cramps, pain from intense exercising, arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS)-related pain, and more. The one thing we know for sure is that pain doesn’t discriminate, and it can become extremely debilitating and negatively impact people’s daily lives. A study  published in 2017 discovered that injections of CBD were able to reduce the signs of pain from surgical incisions on rats. Furthermore, the researchers also reported that CBD might have helped to treat nerve pain and inflammation in rats. A reviewpublished in 2018 reported that there is evidence that the use of CBD can potentially help treat “different forms of pain in patients.” They note that the patient should talk things through with their healthcare provider, and that if the medicine that they have been prescribed does not work, or produces nasty side effects, turning to CBD seems like the next logical step. They do, however, also acknowledge that further research is needed to contribute to the current literature. A study published in 2018 examined the potential benefits that CBD oil could have on the symptoms of MS. It is estimated that 2.3 million people suffer from this illness worldwide, and it can cause an array of debilitating symptoms. These symptoms can include depression, pain, and inflammation, as well as chronic fatigue and muscle spasms. The researchers conclude that CBD supplementation could help in the treatment of a range of symptoms of this condition; CBD could possibly improve mobility, spasticity, chronic fatigue, and the general pain that can occur.

As a result, all-natural CBD oil is becoming a popular pain reliever for many people, who enjoy reaping the benefits of all-natural ingredients and the potential benefits they can have upon your wellbeing.

Another area of research is CBD oil for anxiety and depression. These are two of the most common mental illnesses, and they can have a hugely detrimental impact on any individual’s daily life. They have similar psychological and physical symptoms. According to the NHS, common psychological symptoms of depression can include feeling hopeless, low self-esteem, feeling tearful, lack of interest and motivation (even towards things you once enjoyed), and feelings of anxiousness. Common physical symptoms can include changes in weight and appetite, low sex drive, trouble sleeping, constipation, and aches and pains. When it comes to anxiety disorders, the NHS reports that common psychological symptoms can include irritability, feeling on edge, and feeling worried and anxious. Common physical symptoms of anxiety can include insomnia, tiredness, aches, pains, feeling sick, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations. The current treatments for these disorders can often include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), antidepressants, or a combination of the two. A common medication used to treat anxiety and depression is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). This is a type of antidepressant; however, these types of drugs can cause a wide range of side effects that are similar to the symptoms you’re already experiencing. These can include sleeping problems, sexual dysfunction, appetite changes, feeling sick, and experiencing feelings of agitation.

This is where CBD oil comes in, as more and more people are becoming intrigued by adopting a natural approach to their wellbeing. There have been numerous animal studies into CBD and depression. A mice-based study was published in 2010, and it found that CBD helped to produce potential antidepressant-like effects, thanks to its interaction with the 5-HT1A receptor, more commonly known as serotonin (a chemical messenger often associated with feelings of happiness). Mice underwent a forced swim test, and they experienced less stress from this after taking CBD, leading researchers to believe that CBD holds potential antidepressant properties. Its interaction with the neurotransmitters may help to control and regulate mood.

What’s more, a case report  published in 2016 found that CBD oil could potentially safely treat insomnia in children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The girl in question was administered CBD oil, as she had previously suffered adverse side effects from other medications. The researchers reported that CBD oil was able to decrease her anxiety and helped to improve her quality and duration of sleep. Finally, a 2020 review examined the effects of CBD oil on anxiety and sleep. They found that CBD oil holds great promise in reducing anxiety in clinical populations. They note that more controlled trials and studies are necessary to determine clinical guidance and any future medical potential of CBD. Still, it’s easy to see why CBD oil is growing in popularity, and as a supplement to the treatment and management of mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. People love CBD for its all-natural potentially calming and possible general benefits upon our wellbeing.

A growing body of research in the CBD world is focusing on the connection between CBD and smoking cessation. Nicotine addiction is hard to combat, and takes determination and dedication on the individuals’ part. The good news is that CBD oil could become a viable part of your smoking cessation routine. A rat study, published in 2017, discovered that CBD could be helpful and holds the therapeutic potential for helping to break the cycle of addiction. The study specifically examined the way different environments or memories could be triggers for individuals, and the way CBD may have been able to lessen the reliance. A study was published in 2013, in which 24 smokers took part. Half were administered a placebo and the other half CBD, and the method of consumption was via an inhaler. They used the inhaler when they felt the need to smoke. For the placebo group, the number of cigarettes they smoked showed no difference. However, the CBD group reduced the number of cigarettes they smoked by 40%.

What’s more, the results from the study demonstrate that there’s a maintenance effect when the researchers followed up with the participants. This effect meant that the participants were able to enjoy longer-lasting benefits after the study, as they continued to smoke less cigarettes. This is promising for people struggling to stop smoking, as CBD oil is looking like it could be a natural solution to the problem.

Another key reason for the rise in popularity of CBD oil is the way that it’s made its mark on the beauty industry. We all want beautiful, healthy hair, and glowing skin, and CBD could make that happen! It’s widespread in terms of the variety of products you can buy - there’s creams, lotions, balms, shampoos, conditioners, and sleep masks, to name just a few! There’s a wealth of research to support the use of CBD oil in beauty products, as it has proven anti-inflammatory effects. A study published in 2014 is a prime example of this, as it investigated the effects of CBD oil on acne. They used samples of human skin to conduct their laboratory research, and they discovered that CBD oil was able to potentially prohibit increased oil production - one of the leading causes of acne.

Additionally, CBD produced possible anti-inflammatory effects on the glands that produce the oil. This led them to conclude that CBD oil may be a promising treatment for acne, which is often caused by inflammation and increased oil (sebum) production. There also appears to be potential for CBD to help the skin condition psoriasis. A study  published in 2013 reported that cannabinoid receptors have the ability to reduce excess skin cell growth. This holds the potential for helping people suffering from the skin condition, as it is a common symptom. CBD oils’ potential anti-inflammatory properties also make it a popular staple in people’s hair care routines. It may help people to manage their dry and flaky scalps, due to conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Also, due to its potential ability to regulate sebum (oil), it can prevent your scalp from producing too much oil and balance things out for you. Whatever you use it for, CBD oil is a fantastic natural addition to your beauty routine.

Celebrity influence

Celebrity influence comes with power, as many people look up to individuals that they admire and want to emulate their routines. CBD oil has many celebrity fans, and they aren’t shy in coming forward about their love for CBD! So, who loves CBD? Here is just a sample list of the celebrities and athletes who swear by CBD oil.

  • Mandy Moore: the actress, dancer and choreographer is a CBD user. She has been quoted saying “This year I’m trying some CBD oil on my feet, which my stylist recommended.” She uses it to help with her sore feet from all of her hard work!
  • Kim Kardashian: she famously threw a birthday party for one of her children and CBD products were the main event. She loves the potential calming effects of CBD oil, and she has been quoted gushing “Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with CBD everything!”
  • Morgan Freeman: after a car accident that led him to developing fibromyalgia, the actor turned to natural solutions in the forms of CBD and THC. Indeed, there are studies that demonstrate that CBD oil can be a natural reliever of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.
  • Whoopi Goldberg: this American actress is a long time fan of CBD oil and the benefits that it can provide. So much so that she actually launched her own CBD brand!
  • Jennifer Aniston: the famous Friends star consumes CBD oil to help her manage stress, anxiety and pain. She appreciates the relief it can bring without the “high” associated with THC.
  • Athletes: many athletes and sports people love CBD and what it can do for their body and mind. For example, Mike Tyson is an advocate for CBD oil. The heavyweight boxer uses it to help him train, before fights, and as a part of his recovery process. Elite Strongman Eddie Hall is also a fan of CBD oil, and he has now been a long-time advocate for the benefits that can come from consuming it. Similar to Mike Tyson, he consumes CBD oil before and after his training. This is a popular method for many other people’s fitness routines too, as it can allow them to feel calm before they begin their training and it’s nice to feel CBD’s potential anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties after their hard work.

New methods of administration

There are many different ways of consuming CBD oil (stay tuned), but there are some new and exciting ways that are rising in popularity. We introduce to you: the CBD mint! This is a fresh and innovative manner of consuming CBD oil; let’s get into why. First of all, though, we bet you’re wondering what is a CBD mint? Well, they are an edible form of CBD, ideal for people with busy lifestyles who need to consume their CBD oil on the go. They are a hard-mint candy bursting full of minty freshness, as well as being packed with a dose of CBD oil. Here are the main benefits to consuming them (many of which also apply to CBD edibles in general):

  • The taste: the minty freshness of CBD mints make them a popular method of consumption. Not everyone likes the natural tang of flavourless CBD, or even the other flavoured oils that you can purchase. However, you can’t possibly go wrong with a fresh CBD mint! They freshen up your breath nicely so you can go about your day with confidence.
  • They are discreet: they are a great way of reaping the potential benefits of CBD in a discreet way. If you don’t want to draw attention to yourself while you are on the go, then CBD mints are surely the way to go. Who will question seeing someone popping a mint into their mouth?
  • Easy dosing: the mints are all pre-dosed, and this allows users to add CBD oil to their routine with ease. Users will know the exact amount of CBD that they are consuming, meaning that they can keep track of what doses work for them and what don’t.
  • Long-lasting benefits: CBD edibles in general boast the longest-lasting effects compared to the other current methods of CBD consumption. The effects of CBD edibles can last up to between seven to eight hours. This is great for people who want to feel the benefits of CBD oil for most of their day. For example, it would be a fantastic wellness supplement for people struggling from anxiety, and it would allow them to potentially benefit from its potential calming properties for the full day. This could enable people to carry on with their work, study, or just their general life while feeling less stressed and anxious.

Changing cultural opinions

CBD oil’s image is changing for the better. This is due to a number of factors, the main ones having been discussed above. They all contribute to opening people’s eyes to the potential benefits that it could add to their healthy lifestyle and wellness routine.

CBD oil options

As we previously mentioned, there are a wealth of ways to consume CBD oil - meaning that there is a method of administration out there that will suit your wellness routine perfectly. First up, there’s CBD oil that comes in a tincture or a spray. You spray or drop the oil underneath your tongue, and hold it there for a few seconds before swallowing. This is a convenient and quick way of fitting it into your daily routine, and you can buy a range of flavours, such as lemon, peppermint, and fruit if you prefer to avoid the natural tang of flavourless CBD oil. CBD oil capsules are also another way of taking CBD oil, and all you need to do is swallow them with a glass of water. Topical skincare products are a popular way of adding CBD oil into your beauty routine, or for the potential relief of cramping and sore muscles. Edible forms of CBD are also rising in popularity, as the options are pretty much endless! You could pop a few drops of CBD oil into your morning coffee or into your morning smoothie or porridge. This is a healthy way to begin your day, and you know exactly what you are putting into your body. There are other ways such as cookies, brownies, dried fruit - you name it, you will either be able to purchase it or make it yourself!

Finally, you can also vape CBD oil, and here at Amphora, this is our speciality! You may already be familiar with the vaping of e-cigarettes that contain nicotine, but our vape cartridges contain nothing of the sort. Instead of nicotine, they are packed full of all-natural ingredients, the primary one being 100% organic CBD distillate and plant-sourced terpenes. Many people prefer to reach for the CBD vape due to it’s fast-acting nature, in fact, it is the fastest-acting form of CBD on the market right now. This is because it is able to reach your bloodstream quickly, as it is absorbed directly through your lungs. Indeed, a study published in 2004 discovered that compounds you inhale via your lungs can be absorbed in just one minute. This is great for those of you wanting to feel the instant effects of CBD oil, meaning you can instantly experience the potential calming benefits of CBD allowing you to continue with your day or enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Whatever method you decide, just make sure that it works for you and your healthy lifestyle! Plus, when it comes to dosing, it also comes down to personal preference; and what suits your needs. It’s a good idea to start off at a lower dose and build from there, which makes CBD mints a fantastic choice!

A few years back, barely anyone was talking about CBD, but that’s all in the past now! The future looks bright for CBD oil in all its forms, as more and more people are beginning to discover the many potential wellness benefits that it can provide. So, what’s stopping you? Add CBD oil to your wellness routine today. And while you’re at it, why not try a refreshing CBD mint? They are, after all, the perfect way of beginning your journey into the world of CBD.




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