What Are the Side Effects of CBD Oil?

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Side effects are usually the first thing people type into Google when they’re researching a new wellness product. We all know those commercials that have been parodied with the long list of side effects that ‘you may experience.’ Well, if there were one for CBD, it would be really short.

While the amount of research on the side effects of CBD oil is still growing, what has been studied so far has shown that there aren’t many. The side effects that have been found seem to very mild in comparison to the benefits of CBD. We’re going to break down some of them for you.

How Does CBD Work?

This is where we should start when talking about the side effects of CBD oil. In order to understand the effects, it's essential to know how it works.

CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found with hundreds of others in the Cannabis plant. The fantastic thing is that these cannabinoids are not only found Cannabis plants but also in our bodies already.

Cannabinoids interact in different ways in your body, but the most important thing to know is that they make up the endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS balances out your body when you’re dealing with stressors and is essential to maintaining wellness. For example, if we started to get stressed out at a meeting, our ECS kicks in and helps us fight that stress. It can also help with issues like pain, sleep or disease.

A few decades ago, researchers found cannabinoid receptors in the brain in areas that were responsible for our physiological and mental processes including cognition, emotion and memory and also immune and central nervous systems. When an endocannabinoid binds to these receptors, it signals that ECS needs to start working.

These things are always working in your body to maintaining homeostasis, and CBD helps with that. This process is happening all of the time in our bodies in multiple systems that impact how we feel physically and mentally.  

Researchers don't know exactly how it works with the ECS, but they do know that CBD modifies the cannabinoid receptor’s ability to bind and enhances our natural level of endocannabinoids. ECS and CBD are a perfect match.  

CBD Side Effects

The good news is that throughout most of the research on CBD, there haven’t been many side effects associated with taking CBD oil. The few that they have found are usually pretty mild. Let's go over some of them. 

Lower Blood Pressure

Some people have experienced a slight drop in blood pressure when taking CBD, and it may cause you to feel lightheaded. While this might be beneficial for people who have high blood pressure according to one study, people who already have low blood pressure should consult with a doctor before taking CBD.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is probably one of the most common side effects of using CBD.  A 2006 study found that it happens because specific cannabinoid receptors are in the salivary glands and when CBD interacts with them it slows down the production of saliva. This side effect is pretty easy to deal with. Just make sure you get plenty of fluids when taking CBD and this usually subsides.


CBD is more known for working with the ‘wake’ part of your sleep cycle, but some people have reported feeling drowsy. It’s usually in higher doses of CBD and can vary from person to person. You can always try decreasing how much you take if it becomes an issue.


Some CBD users have found that they experience and upset stomach and diarrhoea when they take CBD oil. It usually has to do with the carrier oils used in the CBD you're taking but has been found to happen in some clinical studies as well.

Mixing CBD With Other Medications 

If you're taking medication, then you should be careful with adding CBD to your wellness routine. CBD works with enzymes  that can stop your body's ability to process certain drugs you may be taking. Depending on the medication, it could be dangerous. So please always make sure you check with your doctor before taking CBD.

Beware of Low-Quality CBD Products

If you want to avoid any dangerous side effects associated with taking CBD oil, you must make sure you’re buying high-quality CBD. With so many new brands popping up, some cut corners and don’t produce products with quality CBD oil.

Some CBD companies use oil made with dangerous carrier oils and additives including pesticides, propylene glycol (PG), polyethylene glycol (PEG) or vitamin E. Others add extremely high levels of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid found in the Cannabis plant. These can be dangerous, especially if used in vaping.

Trusted brands should always list their ingredients and have certificates of analysis available for you to see. These show that a third party has verified their CBD oil. At Amphora, we list all of our certificates of analysis right on our website for customers to view. We also don’t use any carrier oils in our products but rather organic compounds such as terpenes that offer wellness benefits all on their own. Our vape distillate is entirely natural and doesn't have any ingredients that could be harmful for vaping.

Research Shows That CBD Is Considered to Be Safe

Although the research on CBD is just starting to take off, there’s a lot of evidence to show that it’s safe. In fact, the World Health Organization released a report  saying that CBD is ‘well-tolerated and safe for human consumption’ and that it is not found to be addictive  to humans either.

What Are the Benefits of CBD?

Now that you know the side effects and how to find high-quality CBD, let's go over the remarkable benefits of CBD.

CBD For Sleep

Research has shown that CBD can interact with receptors that influence the ‘sleep/wake’ functions of the brain. One study found that CBD helped nearly 80% of participants with anxiety and over 65% with their sleep issues. Amphora’s ZZZand Peace  are options if you want some help with sleep.

CBD for Anxiety

It’s estimated that around 5% of the UK population deals with an anxiety disorder, so it’s one of the leading reasons people try CBD oil. 

Some research has shown that it can change the way our receptors respond to serotonin, while anothershowed that it helped people with social anxiety disorders and a specific fear of public speaking. Another study on people who have social anxiety disorder found that CBD reduced their anxiety.

CBD for Acne

Acne is an annoying phase of our lives we all go through, and for some, it follows you into adulthood. During puberty or any hormonal changes, our grease producing glands can go into overdrive and give us acne. That is where CBD can come in handy.

Several studies have shown that CBD can help by preventing glands from producing sebum, which is the oil on your skin. That sebum is good for moisture, but too much can lead to bad breakouts.

CBD for Pain Relief 

CBD has a long history of being used to relieve pain, and today it’s one of the most common reasons people use CBD.

Research has found  that CBD can help reduce chronic pain by working with the endocannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitters that are involved in the processing of pain signals. Amphora's Mend formula is an excellent choice for this type of pain that can help restore and soothe.

CBD for Neurological Disorders

Cannabinoids are neuroprotective, so CBD may be able to help with neurological disorders. In studies of animals, CBD was found to reduce brain damage when nerve function isn’t as good as it could be. There has been lots of research in this area because CBD has wide-ranging capabilities.

CBD for Heart Health

CBD has been shown to help reduce vascular tension and help with cholesterol levels in the body. Another study found that people who took CBD had lower blood pressure before and after being exposed to stress. As we mentioned before, if you already have low blood pressure, it’s best to your doctor first before using CBD.

Although there are some side effects associated with CBD, the majority are usually manageable and happen very rarely. The best way to ensure a great CBD experience is to buy high-quality products from a brand you trust and check in with your doctor about what they think of you adding CBD to help with wellness issues.



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