CBD Oil for Sleep: Could You Benefit?

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There’s nothing like hopping into a comfy bed and getting a good night’s rest after a long day.

We all need that rejuvenation time. But for some, it’s hard to come by.

Insomnia is when you either can’t fall asleep or can’t stay asleep. Either way – it’s a pain. Some people get insomnia when they experience a traumatic event, but only for a short time. For others, it can last months or even years. The cause of it could be several things including anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain or medication.

Because of all of the ways it can be caused, it's also extremely common.

A study found that as many as 16 million UK adults are suffering from sleep issues and one-third of them said they have insomnia.

More people are looking to CBD oil for sleep, and it's one of the many reasons CBD has become so popular in the U.K. We're going to take you through just how CBD oil may be able to help you with sleep.

How Does CBD Oil Help with Sleep?

CBD is short for cannabidiol and its one of hundreds of cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant. CBD interacts with the naturally occurring endocannabinoid system (ECS) in your body. It’s what keeps you in balance! When we feel pain or encounter stress, our ECS goes into action. And as we age or get injured, our ECS can be affected. CBD interacts with that system and may be able to help it work to keep homeostasis in our body.

So why can CBD help people sleep? Researchers think it could be for a few reasons.

One is because of the evidence that CBD may help with anxiety and pain – two things that have a significant influence on our sleep. If you're stressed, it's hard to stop your mind from racing or to wind down. Or if you're experiencing pain, how are you supposed to drift off? When CBD oil works to relieve those issues, you're able to get some rest. Amphora has two CBD oil distillate products that may help with both of these issues. Our organic Peace formula aids with relaxation and helps soothe your body and mind. Our Mend formula targets pain and helps to restore your body.

Researchers also know that the sleep/wake cycle is affected by receptors in our ECS. Researchers think that CBD may target an essential part of the ECS that directly helps with sleep.

What Studies Say About CBD Oil and Sleep

Since CBD became more available research is booming, and that includes in the area of CBD oil and sleep. 

A 2017 review of studies  on cannabinoids and sleep found that although cannabinoids like THC may impair long-term sleep quality, CBD itself may be able to help ‘REM sleep behaviour disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness.’

One of the issues that can cause anxiety that we mentioned before is anxiety. Research looking at  CBD's effect on anxiety and sleep found promising results. Almost 80% of the subjects had lower anxiety in the first month, and 66% had a better sleep. 

A recent study of people with PTSD found that CBD not only helped the severity of their PTSD symptoms but specifically ‘helped decrease the nightmares they experienced during sleep.’

A 2018 trial of CBD found that those who didn't have any sleep difficulties and took CBD still had a regular sleep cycle and then those who did have sleep issues had a better night’s sleep with CBD.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

CBD is safe, and there is research to back it up. The World Health Organization released a report  saying that CBD is well-tolerated and safe for human consumption and that it’s not found to be addictive to humans.

When you're purchasing CBD products, check out the labels or information on the website. The first thing to look for is a certificate of analysis (COA) of the product. A COA shows that the company has had their products tested by a third party. Amphora lists all of our certificates of analysis directly on the website so that you can feel comfortable when you buy your CBD oil.

How to Take CBD Oil for Sleep

There are lots of ways to take CBD, so it just comes down to what works best for you and your nightly routine.


Inhaling is one of the best ways to take CBD if you want it to act fast. Using a vape pento inhale the CBD means it enters your bloodstream quickly. You can usually notice the effect in about 5 – 15 minutes. For CBD vape oil Amphora uses CBD distillate with added terpenes to give you enhanced benefits. Our ZZZ inhale formula is specifically targeted to be relaxing, and calm to aid with sleep and is a perfect choice if you want a better night’s rest.

CBD Edibles and Capsules

These fall into the slow-release category of oral CBD. When you swallow capsules or edibles, it passes through the digestive tract and later, is metabolized by the liver. Because of this process, it takes longer to be released into your bloodstream so the effects can take anywhere from 30 to 180 minutes, but the results will last longer.

Sublingual Tincture

Sublingual tincture is CBD oil that comes in a bottle and allows you to put a few drops under your tongue.

Even though you're putting it in your mouth, it doesn't have to go through your digestive system. There are glands under your tongue that will absorb the oil if you leave it there for about a minute. Meaning, it goes into your bloodstream quicker, and you'll feel the results faster.

Whatever type of form you choose to take your CBD, lots of users like going with a broad-spectrum or distillate CBD oil. With these kinds, you get the benefits of the whole cannabis plant like terpenes, fatty acids and other cannabinoids. This combination produces something called the entourage effect, where researchers have found that these elements working together are even more beneficial than CBD on its own. That’s why we only use these types of products at Amphora – that’s what sets us apart.

Make CBD Part of a Good Sleep Routine

CBD is great because you can make it part of a sound sleep wellness routine. Try to stick to a specific bedtime schedule of when you go to sleep each night to help get your body used to winding down. Have a relaxing ritual. Maybe it’s sitting on your deck while you vape your CBD or reading a book. And turn those screens off. It can be tempting to check our Instagram or email as we’re about to go to sleep but fight the temptation. Whatever way you add CBD to your routine, trying it could potentially make the difference in how well you sleep!





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