New To Vaping CBD: Your Vape Equipment Questions Answered

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Following the  legalization of hemp-derived cannabidiol, there has been a notable surge in the production of CBD products. From edibles to oils, to creams, and now vapes, consumers have lots of options to choose from.

Vaping CBD is particularly popular because users can enjoy CBD effects fast. This means you achieve a state of calmness and relaxation associated with CBD within seconds. That’s called bioavailability; the degree and rate that CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream, and is highest with vaping.

The portability and convenience of a CBD vape pen makes vaping a fantastic choice for those looking for a fast dose of relaxing comfort. The next part of the article answers all questions regarding CBD vaping and equipment.

What Is Vaping

Vaping is the process of inhaling a vapor-like substance-using battery-powered devices like vape pens, e-cigs, mods, and vapes. The devices heat a liquid solution called an e-juice, vape juice or e-liquid, creating an aerosol breathed into the lungs.

Is Vaping Safe?

Vaping presents a much safer option for people who want to stop smoking. The NHS maintains that  e-cigs have the potential to substitute traditional cigarettes and other smoked tobacco products for adult smokers who’re tying to quit smoking.

This is because the e-liquid doesn't contain tobacco, and it isn’t burnt like cigarettes. It is a mixture of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, flavors, and a small amount of nicotine.

The vegetable glycerine provides the vapor, while propylene glycol produces a characteristic throat sensation similar to smoking. The flavors are water-soluble and often a matter of personal preference.

Is Vaping CBD Safe

CBD is "well-tolerated and safe for human ingestion," according to a World Health Organization assessment, and it has not been found to be addictive to humans.

Despite the fact that there have been few infvestigations on CBD's negative effects, certain scientific studies imply that higher doses of CBD may have an effect on the liver. As a precaution, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommends a maximum daily intake of 70mg CBD for healthy adults, except under the supervision of a health practitioner.

A trial supporting this recommends using aerosol therapies to administer treatment to people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma supports the notion that vaping CBD is safe.

This delivery system supplies CBD directly into the lungs leading to rapid effects. The trial also shows that such patients need smaller doses than administering drugs orally or in injections.

A CDC warning regarding vaping after a series of US E-cigarette or Vaping Used-Assisted Lung Injury (EVALI) deaths in 2019 advised to avoid unregulated CBD products, and cautions patients against:

  • Vaping e-cigs or products from informal sources, and not a compliant brand
  • Vaping e-cigs that have Vitamin E acetate
  • Adding more ingredients to a vaping product

Another article in the Frontiers of Pharmacology also warns patients that not all products contain the amount of CBD indicated on the label.

One particular study analyzed the amount of CBD in two e-liquids. While both products’ labels showed they have 3.3 mg/ml of CBD, the researchers found higher amounts. This is why it is so important to buy complaint CBD that has been lab tested. Compliant brands will supply you with lab testing results for your product.

How to Vape

Vaping is a little different from smoking. How you inhale the vapour can make or break your vaping experience, especially if it’s your first time. Here are some tips on how to inhale CBD oil:

  • Take slow, steady draws until the vapor fills your mouth. Keep in mind; you must not draw the vapor directly into the lungs to achieve the desired effect
  • After drawing the vapor into the mouth, hold it for 1-2 seconds, open your mouth and inhale the vapour into your lungs. When the vapour is in your lungs, exhale.
  • Since CBD absorption occurs through your lungs lining, you might wait up to as little as 20 seconds to feel the effects

Vape Starter Kits & Equipment

Building a good  vape starter kit is the first step to having an excellent vaping experience. It has everything you need to start vaping: a vaping device,  CBD vape juice tankand vape protective case. A CBD vape pen starter kit has different types of vape juice to allow users to try different CBD strengths and flavors.

Here are essential components of vape hardware:

Vape Pen or Vape Battery

A vape pen is a battery-powered device used to inhale a vapour in the form of CBD, CBD e liquid, flavorings, and other chemicals. Vape pens consist of a refillable tank and rechargeable battery and can be used again and again.

In addition, they are the easiest and the most intuitive to use hence the best for first-time users. And if looking for a reliable supply of vape pens and batteries be sure to look at our listings.

E-Cigs, Disposables and Rechargeable

An e-cig is another vape equipment used to heat nicotine, flavoring and oils into a vapor that can be inhaled. It’s popular for its simplicity as it is designed like a traditional cigarette. The overall construction and function make them an excellent alternative for people who want to stop smoking. However, it’s obvious that avoiding nicotine altogether is the best health choice.

Recent reports show NHS could prescribe E-cigarettes to help reduce smoking rates, and England is among the first countries to do so. An e-cig has a battery, draw activator (without a button), cartomizer, and an LED light mimics an ash-like appearance of smoking a cigarette.

The cartomizer combines the flavor cartridge and atomizer into one piece eliminating the need for the three-piece setup (the atomizer, flavor cartridge, and battery) in most vaping devices. And without the buttons, e-cigs are simple vaping devices with an incredibly short learning curve. E-cigs come in two forms:

  • Disposable e-cigs: This type is equipped with a battery and comes prefilled with an e-liquid. Once used up, it’s disposed. Disposable e-cigs are a cheep alternative for first-time users want to quit smoking
  • Rechargeable e-cigs: They are similar to disposable e-cigs, except you can recharge the battery and re-use the device. Many rechargeable e-cigs are equipped with replaceable batteries and interchangeable cartomizers, allowing users to try different carts types, including various nicotine strengths, new flavors or opting for the healthier tanks with CBD and no nicotine added.

Vape Case

You also need a few vape accessories to keep your vape pens and e-cigs fully charged and protected. A vape case is one such accessory. It keeps your vape gear secure and drop-proof if you don’t mind unzipping a case to take a puff.

Clam-shell hard cases are safer and more convenient to carry. Most of them are molded opaque rectangles and can fit into any bag without rattling. Smaller cases are also quite handy if looking for a case you can slide in and out of the pocket.

Vape Charger

You will also need a charger to keep your vape functional. When choosing chargers, it’s best to look for one that can charge your battery and keep it secure while looking great wherever you charge.

Types of Vape Carts

If you want a more discreet vaping experience, it’s best to buy a vape cart. Also referred to as vape cartridges, they are small containers fitted with a heating element, a mouthpiece, and filled with a different formulations.

The vape device heating element heats the vape cart ingrediants, transforming it into the vapor inhaled through the cartridge and mouthpiece. Vape carts come in different forms:

  • The 510 thread: It’s the most common type of vape cart. Its name originates from the threading used to screw the bottom of the cartridge to the vape battery.
  • Device-specific vape cart: This type is designed to work with specific vape devices and can only be purchased from licensed locations.
  • CBD-specific vape cart: This kind has a high CBD level and may contain added terpenes and carrier oils. It provides excellent wellness benefits for people looking for CBD in an easy-to-consume form.
  • Nicotine cart: This type is suitable for people who have just quit, or are looking to quit smoking. The cartridge replaces the hand-to-mouth smoking habit by providing the much-needed nicotine hit found in cigarettes. You need to insert a cartridge into the mouthpiece and inhale the drug by puffing on it.

Benefits of Vaping CBD

Whether you’re vaping CBD for recreational or wellness effects, the activity presents some benefits:

  • It may help the body to reach your wellness goals
  • It has the quickest effects, aka highest bioavailability
  • You can vape on the go
  • A variety of vaping options (pods, vape pens, cartridges)

Is It Safe to Make My Own CBD Vape Juice?

When making your own CBD vape juice the quality will almost definitely be many cuts below what the best CBD manufacturers are putting to market. It's a little more difficult to make your own vape juice than it is to roll your own cigarettes. In fact, there are a slew of computations to think about. It can become nearly as expensive to create your own chemistry set once you've purchased the basic materials and gathered the necessary equipment.

Both CBD and vaping are relatively new to the market, and specialists have spent a lot of time researching the best ways to make CBD that is both safe and useful to your health, as well as the most effective delivery systems that are also safe for consumers to use. Vape oils made at home are coming closer to an unregulated market, something the CBD industry has been opposing. CBD has grown popular as a wellness supplement, and we believe that combining it with toxins that may harm our health is pointless.

Infused Amphora CBD vape oil cartridges come pre-filled for your convenience and safety. The carts are disposable and never to be refilled.

Pre-filling the cartridges for your convenience prevents many of the performance and damage issues to vaporisers caused by incorrectly filling carts, through leaks and clogging.

CBD Vape Oil Benefits

CBD vape oil is also referred to as CBD vape juice which is CBD oil mixed with terpenes, flavors, aromas and even carrier liquids. The CBD oil used in vape pens, and it comes in different forms:

  • CBD isolate: This oil contains CBD in its purest form. Everything else is removed.
  • CBD distillate: The next highly refined CBD form, containing all the cannabinoids and benefits of hemp plant and less than 0.2% THC to be compliant with UK law.
  • Broad-spectrum oils: It contains CBD and other cannabinoids in cannabis, but must be below 0.2% to remain compliant in the UK.
  • Full-spectrum: This type uses a concentrate produced using the entire spectrum of bioavailable molecules found in cannabis. Full-spectrum oils don’t add, remove, or re-introduce active compounds within a strain. They also have more flavors, and their effects are far-reaching than other products. However, they typically contain more THC then the legal limits and have intoxicating effect.

While there isn’t much clinical and laboratory evidence about CBD vape oil, some trials show it may provide health benefits like:

  • Reducing anxiety and insomnia: CBD has sleep-inducing effects that may help reduce symptoms associated with insomnia and other sleep issues.
  • Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy: The oil can help reduce nausea and vomiting, the most common side effects associated with chemotherapy.
  • Reduce inflammation:A recent study shows CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce chronic pain due to inflammation in Type 2 diabetic patients.
  • Can reduce epileptic symptoms: Another science-backed benefit of CBD is that it can treat epileptic patients. After a successful trial on rodents, a CBD-based drug was developed to help minimize convulsions in patients aged two years and older.


When a substance is consumed, the amount that actually reaches the body's systemic circulation, as well as the pace at which it enters, is defined as bioavailability. To assess how much CBD is lost along the way, we compare the amount of CBD in a given dose to the CBD levels in your blood and plasma after consuming it.

CBD is vaporized and inhaled with a vape pen or vaporizer, which is an intranasal form of administration. CBD comes into contact with the lungs' lining and can be absorbed almost instantly, passing through the membranes and quickly into the bloodstream, where it can travel and act all throughout the body to manage symptoms.

This delivery method is quick, efficient, and minimizes the breakdown effects of other CBD forms. Studies also show that vaping has a 34-46% bioavailability rate, making it the most effective administration method.

Why choose vape?

When speed, potency, efficacy, and convenience of usage are taken into account, it's easy to see why vapes are such a popular CBD trend, especially for individuals who need to get a dose into their system quickly and easily while juggling a busy schedule. It's a useful and versatile holistic health method that's easy to incorporate into your routine, whether you're vaping before a big presentation to calm your nerves, or to get some much-needed pain relief to tide you over until the end of the day, or simply to get some of CBD's long-term benefits for skin health and overall mood, vaping is a practical and adaptable holistic health technique that’s simple to adopt into your daily routine.




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