PEACE | CBD Vape Pen Cartridge


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Effect: Calm & Tranquil


Embrace of warm hug

Sweet wood, peppercorn, grapefruit

Take the edge off stress


CBD Oil Ingredients

Our cartridges are all natural and made from only 2 ingredients with no unhealthy additives:  

  • 20% CBD distillate sourced from 100% organically grown hemp  
  • Plant-Sourced terpenes for maximum benefit from the whole plant


Cartridge size(s)

0.3 ml cartridge (84mm x 52.4mm)
0.7 ml cartridge (84mm x 62.2mm)


    • All Infused Amphora CBD vape products are third-party lab-tested for content and purity
    • Does not contain Vitamin E Acetate, PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerine) or MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil.
    • Terpenes; all-natural, organic compounds found in plants - they are the primary constituents of the essential oils that provide flavour and aroma
    • Ceramic coil
    • Medical grade plastic tank and mouthpiece
    • Pesticide-free
    • Nicotine free
    • Non-intoxicating
    • THC Free

      • You must be of legal smoking age to use this product.
      • Always store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight to preserve quality.
      • Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have with undertaking a new health care regimen and never disregard professional medical advice.
        • Third-party batch tested for CBD concentration and purity
        • Effects based formulations to help you with your lifestyle goals
        • Terpenes for added health benefits and a unique flavour and aroma profile
        • Smooth non-bitter taste.
        • Excellent Bioavailability; most effective CBD delivery method
        • All-natural organic ingredients
        • No dangerous diluents or carrier oils
        • Convenient
        • Discreet

        Any vape liquid or vape juice that contains CBD rather than nicotine is referred to as CBD vape oil. Some CBD vape juice and CBD e-liquid have additives added for flavor, aroma or as a carrier for heavier oils.

          A CBD oil vape cartridge is a mouthpiece and container made of plastic that has been pre-filled with CBD vape oil. This cartridge is designed to be inserted into your vape pen or vape battery for inhalation.

          Amphora CBD oil vape cartridges are made with only natural organic materials that have been third-party tested for your safety.

            Amphora is proud to offer CBD vape oil cartridges containing four different formulations, each of which is armed with a unique targeting effect based on it’s exclusive CBD and terpene profile: sleep, stress, muscle recovery, focus and overall general wellness.

            Shop for your experience today.

              It’s a simple technique. Remove the CBD vape oil cartridge from the packaging. Remove the rubber stopper from the bottom of the cart, insert the cartridge in your CBD oil vape pen. Once you’ve inserted your CBD oil vape cartridge into the vape pen. Turn on your vape battery and inhale by slowly drawing the vapour into your mouth in sip like breaths. Hold the vapour in your closed mouth for a second or two, open your mouth to breath in vapour and once the vapour is in your lungs, exhale.

                Yes! CBD is "well-tolerated and safe for human ingestion," according to a World Health Organization, and it has not been found to be addictive to humans.

                Certain scientific investigations imply that higher doses of CBD may have an effect on the liver, however, there have been few investigations on CBD’s negative effects. As a precaution, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommends a maximum daily intake of 70mg CBD for healthy adults, except when under the supervision of a health practitioner.

                  YES! CBD oil and vaping CBD oil in the UK is completely legal. However, don’t forget to follow the general vape etiquette. This includes observing good manners in social scenarios and spotting and complying to changing policy and permissions to vape in places such as private businesses, restaurants and bars.

                    Although CBD is considered safe, and the World Health Organization has released a  report stating that CBD is “well-tolerated and safe for human consumption, you want to know if vaping is a safe delivery method for CBD. Vape has gotten a bad reputation, and unfortunately, it mostly has to do with low-quality, dangerous additives and product knockoffs.

                    The primary issue that the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) found with vaping is the use of vitamin E acetate to dilute vape liquid. Although Vitamin E acetate is safe for consumption, it has been proven to interfere with normal lung function when it’s heated up and inhaled. Other additives may pose the same danger as well.

                    At Amphora, we use only Natural-100% Organic CBD distillate and flavoured and unflavored terpenes. We eliminate the additives for you, giving you a pure CBD experience without the added worry.

                    The secondary issue with vaping is copycats, fakes and knockoffs. That is why it's essential to understand what you're vaping and to make sure you're purchasing from a trusted source that backs up what they claim with credible certificates of analysis from third-party labs.

                    Visit our blog“Is Using A CBD Oil Vape Pen Safe” to learn more.



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