Interview with Infused Amphora Ambassador Abdel (Boyfromdagbon)

Introducing Amphora Ambassadors! Our First Ambassador is Abdel also known as BoyfromDagbon on instagram.

Photographer, influencer, artist and absolute gentleman. 


Infused Amphora: Abdel tell our readers a bit about yourself.

Abdel: I'm a photographer, originally, I have done a lot of photography work, in fashion, a lot of street style, a little bit of commercial and some editorial stuff here and there. And bridged influencing. It all began with me showing myself, my style, things like that and it just took off from there. I’m still doing both [photography and influencing] which is nice to do something different other than photography, and also working with brands that you appreciate, and actually like and enjoy. It means you're able to just connect with them, you know, and to be able to work with people whose products we actually like and stuff that you actually use, I think it's also it's quite nice. It's a nice way to do things and to share and talk about it, which is an added bonus.

Infused Amphora: What inspires your photography?

Abdel:  It's just a moment, it's the style, it's the people, you know, it's very different. And, like most other people just to tell my own story through my photography, whatever is going through my mind or what I'm trying to portray.

I've always been at photography, my dad still takes pictures. So does my older brother, I guess something that is one of the family for me. Playing with film cameras, you know, not really knowing what I was doing at first, messing around with them until the love and appreciation came through. And I started adjusting a lot of landscape animals, spent the weekends driving to the countryside and just shooting whatever and whenever. And then I started doing Fashion Week and initially begun just because I love fashion and it was nice to work with, then that just turned into something else. So I mean, the loves always been there, but it's evolved over time. And it still is, I mean, I'm still evolving.

Infused Amphora: What attracted you to Amphora? 

Abdel: I've used a lot of CBD. In the past, I started to get really interested in it, you know, reading about just wanting to know more and more about the benefits and everything else. So I started using it, and I find it really amazing. I started to experiment with some oils. I would cook with it, I'd make salad dressing, I put it in my smoothie, you know, just ways you could get creative with it and still get the benefits. I like the idea of also being able to vape it. It was quite interesting, and I was quite intrigued by it. So I got in touch, because I wanted to know more. And the product is amazing. I mean, I had some friends trying it. They were blown away. I remember one of my friends said “oh, wow, this is like, incredible.” The smoothness was nice. It was quite smooth, but also the functional. You're not just high, you're functioning. I can say that it's healthy, can help benefit and be good for you. And the feedback from my friends has been incredible.

Infused Amphora: Had you vaped previously?

Abdel:Two years ago, I went down the vaping routes, and I was deep into vaping. I had my own like kit. So I built my own coils. You know, I was one of those vapors. But then I stopped because I realized I didn't know much about this. You've got all this vegetable glycerin because I even started making my own liquids. And at that point, I was like, okay, you need to stop, you know, because I didn't really know what it is that I'm putting into my body. I don't know much about it to carry on. But I mean, it was better than smoking tobacco. But I quit because I just thought you know what, I'm probably overdoing it. Amphora being  natural, you're not smoking some liquid that I don't know where it's come from, whether it's from a lab somewhere, or what sort of control. And I guess that's the difference, you know, CBD to that level of vaping. It's nice to vape as well.

Infused Amphora:  I believe it was the Inspire cart that you purchased from Amphora so how was the inspire cart? How did it make you feel? Did it take some time to kick in? And how long did it last?

Abdel:  I don't know how long it took. I think I just got into a routine. It was interesting, because I tried it and it was quite smooth. But I I saved it purposely for a day, I had a lot of stuff to do. And I was like, Okay, I want to see how it's going to keep me going and keep me driven. I think I just worked for hours. And next thing it was in the evening. To be fair it was quite a productive afternoon. Because working from home sometimes can be a challenge, depending on the day. It was quite smooth. I just found this momentum, to keep going and to be able to do things, you know, rather than just be distracted. I'm the sort of worker who can be quite distracted easily. I'll start doing one thing and move to another and I come back but I was able to just concentrate on one thing with this especially when you want to get into that creative zone. For me, I run around myself in circles for at least an hour till I get to that moment but with this, I was able to just get there straight away.

Infused Amphora:  Do you feel that there still a little bit of stigma and lack of education around CBD?

Abdel:  Yeah, I think there are still a lot of people who don't really know much about CBD. You know, when you say CBD, they think cannabis, they think, Oh, it's THC and you know, there's that whole stigma around that. But I think people are slowly warming up to it. People talk about CBD. And they, sometimes without understanding, think it's cannabis. But you use hemp products, you know, for your hair for your skin. This is similar but in a different way. If you look at it that way, in a healthy beneficial way, you'll see the difference. So there is still a lot of educating to be done.

Infused Amphora:  Do you find that there's certain topics that they are worried about when they're starting CBD? Is it the same thing all the time? Or are they asking different questions?

Abdel:  I think things like obviously, especially now, with this pandemic, and everything else of anxiety, stress, all sorts, I think for some people, being able to just calm themselves, you know, relax, maybe even go to sleep in a chilled, more relaxed way, I think would help. I think in terms of followers, and most people, I think the idea of being able to calm themselves down and be at ease will definitely be very beneficial. And for some of the others, I think being able to be creative, be spontaneous, do silly things keep themselves going. I think as another added benefit the cool thing about Infused Amphora is that you can pick how you want to feel. So there's that beneficial aspect of it.


Infused Amphora:

Did you start using this just as a general health and wellness or did you have some goals that you were looking to achieve? Or did you have some symptoms that you were looking to alleviate initially?

Abdel:  It was just to try it out to see but then I started to notice the difference. I went through a routine of taking it every evening before going to bed type thing and I noticed that I'd have a better sleep you know it was a peaceful sleep if I can say that so that was just how it started I got into routine of just every night before going to bed then I went on to experimenting with it with food and smoothies and that's just been the journey so far.





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