The New Mint On The Block: Your Comprehensive Guide to Consuming CBD Mints

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Due to a revolution in legislation and a wide-spread shift in public attitudes, CBD has firmly moved from counterculture and into the mainstream. What was, until recently, relegated to the domain of stoners and hippies, now makes up one of the UK's fastest-growing markets.  With 11% of the UK population confessing to have tried CBD at least once in their lives, if you have never sampled its benefits, someone you know probably has. 

But whether you're a CBD first-timer or a seasoned user, finding your perfect way to take the product is essential. Luckily, from taking five minutes out of your busy day for a cannabinoid-infused vape break - to consuming it sublingually as part of a pre-bedtime ritual, there's no shortage of ways to consume the herbal compound. But, from the hempy aftertaste, to the inconvenience of 'non-vaping areas,' most forms of ingestion come with their respective drawbacks.

Enter CBD mints. They're an easy, discrete way to take cannabidiol, with basically no disadvantages. They offer you all the benefits of your trusty pocket mints - while slowly releasing pre-measured amounts of CBD into your system. And due to their unique configuration, they usually have higher bioavailability rates than other cannabinoid-infused edibles. So basically, cannabinoid-infused mints are real game-changers.

In this article, we're going to give you the complete rundown of everything about CBD mints. Exploring everything from how they work in our bodies, through to their scientific-backed potential benefits, and, importantly, what to look out for when you are buying them. But before we get into all that, let's take a closer look at the therapeutic agent at the centre of it all - CBD.

What is CBD? 

Colloquially shortened from its scientific name cannabidiol, CBD is one of over a hundred other plant compounds that derive from industrial hemp (a strain of cannabis Sativa). Alongside CBD, other cannabinoids native to the hemp plant include CBN, CBG, and CBC, and probably the most infamous, THC. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound responsible for giving cannabis its famous 'high'. Due to CBD's therapeutic properties, it balances out the intoxicating properties of its psychotropic counterpart, which is one of the reasons why CBD is so perfectly suited to the wellness and alternative therapy industries.

CBD is legal in the UK, provided it's concentrations of THC do not exceed 0.2% or 1mg per product. This is why industrial hemp is the perfect plant to extract the substance from, since the plant is naturally low in terms of THC, while still being an abundant source of CBD.

How does it work?

Cannabinoids like CBD take effect because they mimic our bodies' naturally-occurring cannabinoids, otherwise referred to as endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids are part of our endocannabinoid system (ECS), a molecular system responsible for balancing processes in the body, including appetite, memory, stress, immune response, and more, primarily maintaining homeostasis. Also composed of enzymes and receptors, the ECS is a wonderfully intricate system, because it helps to bring our bodies to a natural equilibrium.

The system's success is largely maintained by our bodies' natural ability to produce endocannabinoids. This means that when we are suffering a deficiency, it impacts the way that we feel and our bodies' ability to function. When we take CBD, it has the potential to offset this deficiency, and it helps to make the whole ECS work more efficiently. This is largely why cannabidiol is understood to elicit its many possible benefits, including reducing pain, soothing anxiety, aiding sleep, and lowering inflammation.

What are CBD mints?

CBD mints are as simple as they sound. They are hard or soft mint-flavoured sweets that are infused with the potential of cannabidiol. They're typically made using pre-measured amounts of CBD extract, alongside traditional mint ingredients, to create convenient and tasty sweets that are perfect to take, whether you're out and about or chilling along at home. CBD mints are a great alternative to other hemp products, because their fresh minty flavour masks the somewhat acquired hempy taste, which derives from the plant's terpenes (aromatic compounds). This makes them a quick and easy way to freshen up, because they give your breath an instant minty taste.

CBD mints generally come in handy, inconspicuous containers that can easily fit in your pocket or bag. The sweets also come in a range of strengths, quantities, textures, and varieties of mint flavours, so you can be certain to find a perfect product to suit you.

How should I take them?

Infused mints are one of the easiest ways to get your daily fix of CBD. All you need to do is pop one in your mouth and patiently wait for its magic to take effect. Since each mint is allocated with equal amounts of cannabidiol, there's no measuring anything out beforehand, so you can simply consume the product and continue on with your day.

There's no wrong time to consume CBD, but certain times of the day will make more sense, depending on your reasoning for taking the substance. For example, if you're taking the mints to potentially help relax you before bed, they could be more effective if consumed later in the day. If you are trying the possible benefit of CBD for pain, it's best to take it as soon as any discomfort arises. In addition to these general patterns, if you take the mints alongside or just after a meal or fatty snack, the CBD is able to be more quickly and effectively absorbed into your system.

How many CBD mints should I take?

The amount of mints you choose to take really depends on your intended dose. Your personal dose will depend on a series of individual factors, including your age, metabolism, previous exposure to CBD, weight, health conditions, and incentives for taking it. Our typical CBD beginner advice would be to start with a low dose if you're new to cannabidiol, and then to gradually increase it until you reach your desired effect. There are no severe health-consequences to overconsuming CBD. However, it's still better not to indulge too heavily, as if it's taken to excess, it could lead to some undesirable side effects, such as drowsiness and dry mouth.

As a general rule, if you're after a low dose of CBD, it would be wise to consume no more than 1 mg for every 10 lbs you weigh. This logic extends to 3 mg for every 10 lbs of weight for a medium dose, and 6 mg for every 10 lbs of weight for a heavier dose. But an easier way to monitor the strength of cannabidiol-infused products is to check their packaging for cannabinoid counts and levels of potency.

Benefits of CBD mints

There's a reason why CBD mints are taking over the wellness market. From the advantages they can bring to the body and mind, to their quick and delicious application, it really is hard to find fault with these refreshing sweets. So, here are just some potential benefits of taking cannabidiol-infused mints, starting off with the many possible perks of CBD itself.

CBD and pain

Even though the relationship between CBD and pain still hasn't been extensively researched, a number of studies point towards the cannabinoid's prospective ability to relieve pain and stiffness. This is largely understood to be because of CBD's potential anti-inflammatory properties, and it's possible ability to achieve an analgesic (pain-killing) effect in the body. This effect was evidenced in a 2018 study that measured the pain response of mice following spinal cord therapy. The research concluded that CBD's potential anti-inflammatory effects helped reduce the levels of pain and speed up the recovery process of the subjects. However, more investigations into the matter need to be conducted before conclusive results can be drawn.

CBD and anxiety

As well as relieving physical pain, research also points to the potential benefits of CBD for anxiety, likely because of the possible soothing effect the agent has on the mind. Although the exact explanation remains unclear, cannabidiol is understood to potentially lower anxiety by activating serotonin receptors in the brain, which is effective because the serotonin hormone is associated with alleviating anxiety. This phenomenon is supported in this 2015 study, where the cannabinoid was found to successfully have the potential to lower anxious feelings related to generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), among other mental afflictions.

CBD and focus

CBD has also been found to increase our ability to focus, and this is likely to do with the way our endocannabinoid system interacts with our neurotransmitters. Our neurotransmitters regulate everything we do, from breathing and sleeping, to our ability to focus. So when our ECS is working more efficiently, thanks to the use of CBD, it helps to better regulate neurotransmitter levels in the brain. This helps to boost our wakefulness, in addition to our ability to concentrate on tasks, as evidenced in this 2014 research review. However, more research into the complicated relationship between CBD and our ability to focus needs to be conducted before conclusive findings can be established.

CBD and sleep

For those who routinely struggle to catch their 40 winks, CBD may be able to help with this too. Since a range of physical and mental factors contribute to a bad night's sleep, CBD's potential ability to soothe these factors is largely why it's understood to help us unwind at the end of a long day. For instance, this 2019 study outlines the possible correlation between CBD administration and lower levels of anxiety and insomnia; and this 2018 review explores CBD's purported ability to reduce pain, which is a leading contributor to poor sleep.

The mints taste great

CBD mints are a great way to consume the hemp plant's natural potential benefits, without being subjected to that slightly acquired, almost grassy taste. Since CBD products are infused with the plant's natural terpenes, they usually emit an aroma that is unique to the hemp plant. While this flavour isn't necessarily unpleasant, infusing CBD into tasty, refreshing minty sweets is a much more pleasant way to reap the possibilities of this therapeutic cannabinoid. In addition to tasting great, CBD mints also leave your breath smelling super fresh! This makes them a perfect accompaniment to a busy schedule, because they're a quick and easy way to look after your oral hygiene.

They may help to prevent nausea

Ever been offered a mint when you're feeling a bit queasy or car-sick? There's a reason for that. Mints are understood to combat nausea, due to their purported ability to soothe our stomach muscles, especially if they contain natural extracts of peppermint. In addition to this, CBD has also been recognised to potentially soothe nausea and possibly even stimulate our appetite at the same time. So, this makes CBD mints an excellent option for those who are feeling nauseous and are subsequently suffering from a decrease in appetite.

They may help clear blocked sinuses

The majority of us have been subjected to the inconvenience of the common cold. Whether it strikes you seasonally, or affects you year-round, finding ways to reduce that stuffy 'bunged-up' feeling can sometimes feel more important than anything else. Luckily, due to its sharp and fresh aroma, natural mint and mint-infused products have been used for centuries to supplement the relief of cold symptoms and sinus issues. Also, CBD oil has been recorded to potentially help diffuse particular issues affecting sinuses, including sinusitis - which is a condition that presents a host of different symptoms that mimic the common cold.

They're pre-measured

For people with busy schedules who are often on the go, measuring their allocated dose of CBD using a finicky dropper isn't the most ideal way to consume the substance. Luckily, CBD mints all contain pre-measured amounts of cannabinol, so it's super quick and easy to work out your dose and take the right amount. This also takes the guess-work out of dosing, which is really useful if you're new to the CBD game.

They're discreet

While CBD products are completely legal in the UK, and offer a range of potential benefits for our wellbeing, not all of society is a part of this green wave. There still remains a lot of misconceptions regarding CBD's use and legality, so, to avoid any awkward family or office conversations, CBD mints usually come in discreet containers, which makes them almost impossible to differentiate from standard non-infused mints.

They're long-tasting

CBD-infused mints fall under the product category of edibles. This means that the cannabinoid is absorbed through your buccal cavity and digestive system, before making its way to your bloodstream, where it is able to take effect. The convoluted journey it takes through our bodies means that the substance typically takes anywhere from a couple of minutes (for any CBD absorbed sublingually, in the mouth) to one to two hours to kick in. But, for similar reasons, the slow release of CBD means that it stays in our system for a longer duration than other methods, enabling you to feel its benefits for longer- up to 5 hours, in fact.

They may potentially help to soothe IBS symptoms

IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is a long-lasting condition affecting your digestive system. With around 1 in 5 UK citizens suffering from it, finding a remedy is becoming increasingly important. Both mint (specifically peppermint) and CBD have been found to potentially remedy symptoms for those who have IBS due to their purported abilities to improve digestive function. This means that, while CBD mints won't cure IBS, using a product that combines both of these ingredients has the potential to effectively ease some unpleasant symptoms of the affliction.

They leave you with a clear head

As we noted earlier, CBD products are only legal in the UK if they contain under 0.2% THC content. This means that all CBD-infused products in the UK market have to go through a special extraction process that leaves little to no THC behind. This is great because it allows you to revel in CBD's possible benefits without being subjected to the intoxicating effects of THC that are associated with smoking regular recreational cannabis. So you can enjoy CBD mints without experiencing any unnecessary drowsiness, anxiety, or paranoia.

What to look out for when buying CBD mints?

The CBD market can be a bit of a minefield. From unregulated products, to different cannabinoid extracts and strengths, you're probably not on your own if you find it all a little overwhelming at first. However, if you know a few vital things to look out for when browsing, it can make your buying experience a whole lot easier, and it'll maximise your chances of finding safe, effective, and premium CBD products. So, with this in mind, let’s look into a couple of things to look out for when you're on the hunt for the perfect CBD mints.

Type of CBD extract

CBD products contain three main types of hemp extract; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate. Here is a breakdown of the differences between the three, as well as a brief summary of their prospective benefits and drawbacks.


This variety contains extracts from the full breadth of the hemp plant - from flower to seed. It features all the terpenes and cannabinoids that are native to the hemp plant, such as CBD, CBD, CBG, and even THC (in legal, trace amounts). The enormous scope of compounds that full-spectrum CBD contains makes it more potent than other extracts because it can entourage the entourage effect. However, because it includes trace amounts of THC, the full-spectrum variety of CBD may elicit some undesirable side-effects if taken to excess, such as drowsiness and fuzziness of thought, and may not adhere to current UK laws.


Broad-spectrum CBD contains all of the wonderful compounds of full-spectrum products, only without the THC. This means that this cannabidiol variety is still rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. Therefore, it is still capable of achieving the entourage effect - while bringing no side effects and being legal under UK law. Due to this combination of factors, broad-spectrum CBD is currently the most common type of CBD that is featured within the marketplace.


Unlike broad and full-spectrum products, CBD isolate products exclusively contain CBD - and nothing but CBD. The isolate is formed through a process that strips away any remaining hemp compounds, creating a finished product that is generally in the form of a white powder. This type of extract is normally more budget-friendly. However, due to the lack of other core hemp compounds, it lacks the potency of the other two extracts. There is no synergistic 'entourage effect' involved when you take CBD isolate.

Cannabinoid count

Another critical thing to look out for when purchasing CBD mints is potency levels. Different CBD brands and products contain varying levels of CBD, so it's important to pay attention to each product's cannabinoid count before you make the purchase. Most cannabidiol-infused products measure their CBD strengths in mg, so it's easy to notice how strong each item will be. Adjusting your cannabinoid strength to your tolerance and how experienced you are with the product is a safe bet.

Third-party tested

Third-party testing is simply the process of having your products tested by an independent, utterly unbiased laboratory. These tests are conducted to indicate the purity, potency, and quality of a CBD sample, as well as the presence of any harmful toxins, heavy metals, or pesticides. Since the CBD market is relatively new, many ineffective and potentially unsafe products have the ability to slip through the cracks. This is precisely why it's essential to get CBD mints that have been third-party tested and come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA), as the verification ensures that you are getting the best quality of cannabidiol available, with no nasty risks to your health.

CBD at Amphora

Here at Amphora, we take manufacturing effective, safe, and affordable CBD products very seriously. All of our CBD products contain 100% organically-grown hemp-based CBD that is entirely free of THC, harmful toxins, and pesticides. We use CBD distillate or isolate and plant-sourced terpenes, and all of our products have been third-party tested to ensure the highest levels of quality. We don't believe in adding any unnecessary additives to our CBD, because we think it's best to keep things as natural as possible - and if you're on a dairy-free diet, don't worry; because everything we manufacture is entirely vegan-friendly.

We recognise that CBD has the power to help relax, repair, and inspire, and all of our products reflect this. So, if you want to learn more about how CBD can benefit you, or would like to have a look at the range of products that we sell here at Amphora, feel free to take a look for yourself here.





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