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The world of CBD can be super confusing, even for those experienced users out there! The marketing can be misleading, there are multitudes of products to choose from, and that’s even before you’ve made your choice between full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate- never mind figuring out what dose you need. Here at Amphora, we aim to further your education by keeping things as simple as possible. Today we’re putting the focus onto one method of CBD consumption, mints, as we discuss everything you need to know about microdosing. This form of consumption is one of the most popular methods of CBD microdosing, so, make sure that you stay tuned to discover why.

What is CBD?

Let’s begin with answering the all-important question, ‘what is CBD?’ This is the ideal place to begin, particularly for all of you CBD newbies out there. Undoubtedly, you’ll be pleased to learn that CBD is an all-natural product from the cannabis plant (particularly the hemp variety of cannabis Sativa). There are many different cannabinoids in the plant (113, if you want to be precise), and some of them are psychoactive. The main psychoactive cannabinoid in the plant is known as tetrahydrocannabinol but is most commonly referred to as THC. THC can influence your mood and state of mind if consumed in moderate doses, and therefore is unappealing for many people.

However, as you may have already guessed, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. This means that it can be widely used and added to many different CBD-infused products. How is CBD oil made? Put simply, it’s extracted from the plant. Then, it needs to be diluted with a carrier oil, like coconut or hemp seed oil. So, how do you take CBD oil? Well, there’s no one simple answer to this question, as there’s just so many! However, some of the most widespread ways are oils and tinctures, topicals (creams and lotions), edibles, and vaping. It’s all about finding a method of consumption that compliments your lifestyle and helps you to reach your goals- whether it’s health, fitness, or simple holistic wellbeing, CBD is here to potentially support you.

What are CBD mints?

So, what are CBD mints? Gold star for any of you who guessed correctly – they are mints infused with CBD oil! They typically have a hard, candy-like coating that serves as their outer shell. Here at Amphora, we have gone for a simple circular shape pressed tablet for our line of Energizing Cinnamint. Plus, they are sugar-free, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your teeth. Our line of mints is CBD isolate, meaning that you can be confident in the knowledge that you’re consuming pure CBD. As they are technically classed as edibles, the CBD needs to pass through your digestive system before reaching your bloodstream, and it can take up to forty minutes for you to feel the effects. Consuming CBD mints is simple: all you need to do is establish a dose that works for you and put the mint onto your tongue. Then, dissolve it in your mouth and enjoy the refreshing, minty taste!

Why choose CBD mints?

‘What are the benefits of consuming CBD via a mint’, we hear you wondering. After all, there are so many types of CBD to choose from; what gives mints an edge? Well, quite a lot in our humble opinion! Here are the four main benefits of CBD mints:

They are discreet

Name a more discreet method; we’ll wait. Struggling? That’s because CBD edibles (especially mints) will draw no unwanted attention or inquisitive looks from strangers if you take CBD while you’re outside, unlike oils, tinctures, or vaping. The mints are all stored in one handy container that you can slip into your work bag, gym bag, or even your pocket.

The taste

This is one of the most apparent benefits on our list… the delicious taste! If you find yourself in need of a refreshing mint, then opt for our CBD infused mints instead! Not only will they make your breath smell fresh, but CBD is also an all-natural product that comes with its own range of purported benefits. This way, you don’t have to deal with the sometimes ‘earthy’, overpowering taste of CBD oil.

Easy to dose

All CBD mints come pre-measured with a precise dose of CBD for your confidence and peace of mind. This is ideal if you are new to CBD, as you can closely monitor the exact amount of CBD you’re consuming and how it makes you feel. As always, here at Amphora, we firmly believe that dosage is highly unique to you. As such, we will never recommend a direct dosage to you, as everyone is different. One CBD dosage will be perfect for some and not as effective for others. However, it’s vital to note that, if you’re new to CBD, you should begin slowly, with a lower dose of CBD. This is what makes CBD mints so ideal – they typically contain a lower amount of CBD (between 5mg and 10mg, for example).

Long-lasting effects

While it takes CBD edibles longer than most other methods to begin to work, it is widely regarded that their effects last the longest. It is typically thought that the potential effects of edibles can last between six and eight hours. Of course, other factors are at play here too. Think metabolism, the last time you ate, what type of edible you consumed, and so on.

What does microdosing CBD mean?

Now, onto the reason you’re here – microdosing! So, what is microdosing? Put simply, it means consuming extremely small amounts of CBD throughout the day. Typically, it’s a process that more experienced CBD users use. You see, it’s a good idea to know what dosage works for your health and wellness goals before you start to microdose. Once you know what overall dose is best for you, then you can break that up throughout the day. The idea isn’t to particularly raise your dosage, unless that’s something that you wish to build up slowly.

Let’s give you an example. Say you prefer to consume just 5mg of CBD in a day. If you wish to microdose, then you could split this up into two doses of 2.5mg of CBD. It works the same for those of you who consume a higher amount of CBD. For example, if you consume 50mg per day, then you would split your dose into ten 5mg doses. Microdosing tends to keep the individual amounts of CBD low; however, if you consume a higher content of CBD overall, then it’s more practical to split it into higher doses. You see, it’s essential to be consistent with your CBD consumption throughout the day.

Who should microdose CBD?

Simple – whoever wants to! The overall goal of microdosing CBD is to provide your body with a consistent amount of CBD, so that your body can reap the potential benefits of CBD on a more consistent basis than if you simply took one large dose once a day. You see, microdosing may help to take care of your endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is a biological system that helps to maintain and regulate some of our vital bodily functions. Endocannabinoids are natural cannabinoids produced by your body (whether you consume CBD or not), and they help to keep your functions running without a hitch. The main two endocannabinoids are anandamide (AEA) and 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG). Endocannabinoids bind to two main types of receptors: CB1 receptors are found in your central nervous system, while CB2 receptors are located throughout your peripheral nervous system, mainly in the cells of your immune system. Research from 2018 has indicated that your ECS (potentially activated by CBD) is linked to a variety of vital functions, such as sleep, pain management, appetite, stress, mood, and more.

So, microdosing may be able to help boost your endocannabinoid system over time. Therefore, it may not be best for people who require a high dose due to chronic pain, or those wanting to experience the possible sedative effects of CBD. Therefore, if you would prefer to experience a sustained potential impact from CBD (which is essentially what microdosing gives you), then this is a suitable method for you. It may help to increase your levels of focus and productivity during the day, and our mints lend themselves perfectly to this. After all, the mint combined with CBD screams with the potential for supported wellbeing! As we have already stated, microdosing could be a good option for experienced CBD users, but it could also work for some CBD newbies. After all, as your doses are so small, you can carefully monitor how it may be affecting you.

Microdosing: the current research

Currently (unfortunately), there is a significant lack of clinical research into the purported effects of microdosing CBD. In fact, the majority of research revolves around a combination of THC and CBD. However, there are some encouraging studies that would support the use of microdosing or smaller doses of CBD on its own. For example, one such study was published in 2012, in the online Journal of Pain in ScienceDirect. This study examined the possible effects of a formulation known as Nabiximols (a mixture of THC and CBD). This was administered to a group of patients who felt no benefits from opioid painkillers. Nabiximol was administered in high, medium, and low dosages. Interestingly, the people given the lowest dose received the most reported benefit, as they experienced the most significant possible pain symptom reduction. In fact, those administered the higher doses actually experienced an increase in their pain. While this study isn’t specific to microdosing, the subject lends itself to the possibility of further research in the future. Hopefully, we will soon have a large body of clinical research into microdosing CBD isolate to draw from, although, as dosing is so personal and individual, it will likely be something that people need to discover for themselves.

Tips for microdosing your CBD mints

So, where to begin? First of all, figure out your dose, then you’re ready to take on microdosing CBD mints with our top tips!

  • Set reminders: this is an especially helpful tip if you’re taking a higher dose of CBD, as you’ll be needing to consume more mints per day. This could be an electronic reminder, like an alarm or calendar alert. After all, you want to get in a good rhythm with microdosing, so that you can reap the full potential benefits of regular CBD consumption.
  • Keep track: this tip directly follows on from the one above. Once you have consumed your CBD infused mint, mark it down somewhere. Again, this could be electronic, or, if you prefer to be more old school, you could keep track of your doses by using a chart, like a sticker chart! This will be handy to look back on later, as it will allow you to lessen or increase your dose if needed.
  • Keep a diary: this tip is particularly useful for monitoring your health and wellness goals with CBD. This doesn’t need to be anything long and detailed (unless you want it to be). You could simply compose some questions and compare your answers every week, and this will depend on your goals. For example, you could ask yourself, ‘on a scale of 1-10, how is my pain level?’ Or ‘ on a scale of 1-10, how good does microdosing make me feel?’ It’s all about monitoring and keeping track of your feelings and seeing if your needs are being met.

Possible benefits of microdosing your CBD

So, what are the potential benefits of microdosing CBD? And what about adding CBD to your routine in general?

CBD and Pain

The phrase ‘CBD for pain’ remains one of the top internet searches when it comes to cannabidiol, as people living with often-chronic pain are curious about what the all-natural cannabinoid may have to offer them. In terms of pain management, a number of promising studies and much research has taken place. One particularly popular area of research into CBD for pain, is the potential that it may have for reducing chronic pain. Living with chronic pain can be both stressful and debilitating, as it is often persistent. This can even be despite other medical interventions, like prescriptions from a medical professional or operations. One report entitled ‘Therapeutic Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids’ (published in 2017) examined the current research into the potential effects of CBD oil on chronic pain. The authors of this report noted that, upon examination, they believe that CBD has demonstrated itself to be an effective treatment for chronic pain in the adult population.

Another 2012review published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine supports these claims. The authors of this review note that CBD may be able to reduce pain due to its purported anti-inflammatory properties. Interestingly, they also reported that (from their research) they deemed it unlikely for people to build up a tolerance to the potential benefits and effects of CBD. This is good news, as it means that you won’t necessarily need to increase your dose of CBD as time goes on. This means that, once you discover an amount that best suits your wellness goals, you can feel confident in your CBD use. Finally, this review also stated that cannabinoids, and CBD in particular, may one day be regarded as a new type of supplement for those coping with chronic pain.

If you find yourself needing to consume a higher dose of CBD due to your chronic pain, then perhaps microdosing would be best avoided. This is due to the time it may take for you to benefit from the potential pain-relieving effects of CBD. However, if you consume a lower dose, then you may benefit from a consistent schedule of CBD mints. But don’t just take our word for it, as everyone is different. Why not try it out for yourself, and discover what works for your individual needs?

CBD and Exercise

CBD use is extremely popular with people for exercise recovery. Plus, adding CBD to your workout routine is so simple when it comes to CBD mints. So, how do you use CBD for exercise recovery? Well, as we’ve already discovered, CBD could potentially help to reduce pain symptoms, and this is extremely useful for coping with delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). We’ve all been there, proud of ourselves for completing a rough workout, only for our muscles to scream at us the next day. The good news is that CBD is purported to be a potent anti-inflammatory agent, and therefore it may impact your sore muscles and actually make working out again bearable.

Included in exercise recovery is a good night’s sleep. A peaceful night’s sleep is vital for all of our cognitive functions, but it also provides the best time for our muscles to recover. You see, while you sleep, your body will produce the hormone melatonin (the human growth hormone), helping to repair the damage to your tissues and muscles. The good news is that CBD may be able to help promote sleep wellbeing. One study, entitled ‘Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep: A Large Case Series,’ examined CBD for sleep and anxiety. Seventy-two people took part in this study, with 25 experiencing sleep issues and 47 diagnosed with anxiety. The researchers gave the subjects one capsule containing 25 mg of CBD per day for one month. The results after one month are encouraging, as 66.7% of people reported sleeping better, and 79.2% reported experiencing a lessening of their anxiety symptoms.

Therefore, microdosing with CBD mints may make a great addition to your workout and exercise recovery routine. After all, your performance can only improve if you are experiencing a reduction in pain symptoms and finding yourself getting into a good sleep schedule.

CBD and Focus

While there may be an expanding body of research into CBD for sleep, there is also another area that’s growing in interest – CBD for focus! You see, we regard CBD as a super talented cannabinoid, as it may produce a range of different potential benefits. So, what does the research say? One review published in 2014 called ‘Potential Effects of Cannabidiol as a Wake-Promoting Agent’ outlined some promising findings. For example, the authors noted that (after examining human and animal studies) CBD was able to promote wakefulness. This is great news for people living through the after-effects of a sleepless night, like grogginess and lack of focus.

These findings were backed up in 2017 by another review, entitled ‘Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Sleep: a Review of the Literature.’ The authors of this review concluded that CBD may hold the potential to help supplement excessive daytime sleepiness. This is mainly caused due to insomnia, but it may also be caused by other sleeping disorders, such as rapid eye movement (RBD), and sleep behaviour disorder. This disorder can cause the individual to thrash around in their sleep as they act out dreams and nightmares. This may cause a poor night’s sleep, as well as the individual to scream and cry out (which can distress loved ones as well as the physically afflicted).

Interestingly, this review also raised the suggestion that CBD may be able to help treat this disorder in an all-natural way. A vital, yet small, human study was conducted on RBD in 2014. It examined the possible effects of CBD on four people with Parkinson’s disease who were struggling with RBD. The authors of the study concluded that CBD might provide a quick and substantial reaction when it comes to helping to manage the symptoms of the condition. While further research is needed alongside a deeper look into CBD for focus, the current literature appears promising. After all, if CBD may help you to sleep better, then it may also improve your focus the following day.

There is much attention put onto CBD for sleep, but CBD for focus is an equally promising emerging body of research. This also lends itself to microdosing CBD mints perfectly, as a staggering amount of CBD administered regularly throughout your day may be able to help you to retain focus on the task at hand. What’s more, our delicious cinnamint flavour will have you feeling awake and refreshed in no time!

Final word

And that concludes our guide to microdosing with CBD mints! Microdosing can be a fantastic method when it comes to CBD consumption, and the nature of the low dosage of CBD mints lends itself perfectly to this type of routine. Microdosing with CBD infused mints is one of the most convenient methods of consumption open to you, plus they make your breath minty fresh! Remember, begin your CBD journey with a low dose. This way, you can closely monitor how your chosen dosage is making you feel and adjust it if need be. So, what are you waiting for? Try out microdosing with CBD infused mints today! If you don’t feel like microdosing, as you’re already in a good routine with your CBD, then still try our potentially energizing cinnamint! It’s sure to freshen up your day. 



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