Infused Amphora CBD vape pens are powered by Vessel technology, delivering the ultimate in style and design, while never compromising performance.

 Infused Amphora offers the best vape pen for CBD oil in the UK as a unique extension to your personality.

All Amphora vape pen designs includes:
· Protected, cartridge drop-in design
· Transition module to will house most 510 thread cartridges
· 3-LED colour coded lights indicate battery life and power settings (Low 2.8V, Medium 3.2V, High 3.6V)
· USB magnetic charging port + cable
· Six (6) month limited warranty

Does CBD vape work? Vaping CBD is the most effective method of taking CBD, because it's absorbed through your lungs into your bloodstream, almost immediately. Vaping also allows you control over finding your best personal user experience.